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  1. Retrieving hunt test
  2. Taking 6 month old lab on vacation to Lake George, NY
  3. Spaniel Hunt Tests and Labs
  4. Using a checkcord in the water
  5. My boy won't hold bumper when I tell him to
  6. Labs hunting game other than waterfowl?
  7. QAA now
  8. Are there any bird hunters at Just Labs?
  9. Blood tacking
  10. Walkking with the Yellow Dogs 2014
  11. Brace
  12. Lots of Critters on the Mountain Part 1
  13. Lots of Critters on the Mountain Part 2
  14. Training my First Gun Dog!
  15. Question Future gun dog and chickens.
  16. Abby at the NAHRA Invitational
  17. Not quite sure how to go about this
  18. Need Puppy Advice!
  19. Need some beginners help
  20. Anyone ever hunt with an English springer Spaniel?
  21. Introducing to live birds
  22. Two Day Retriever Training Seminar April 2013 in NJ
  23. I Dont Want To End Up With A Gun Shy Dog!
  24. Gun Dog Clubs In Houston TX?
  25. New to Gun Dogging!
  26. Annabelle and I need Advice
  27. Puppy question
  28. Sit to the flush seminar.
  29. trainers
  30. Deep Marsh
  31. Bird Tracking
  32. How would you find someone to finish up a dog and hopefully put a title on
  33. Yeah Murphy
  34. New member! Need advice
  35. First hunt of the season.
  36. Just a little brag.
  37. Help...My Retriever Quit Retrieving
  38. Best paw protectors??
  39. Upland training day. (2 pics)
  40. Shed-hunting?
  41. Starting
  42. Newby with questions
  43. Won't Return
  44. Problems holding dead birds
  45. how do i get my 10mo lab to listen to me in a busy place?
  46. who is a pheasant hunter here/
  47. Early morning water work.
  48. Fall bird season
  49. Atta boy Hoss!!
  50. New guy looking for a good training book, recomendation for retriever club.
  51. Been having fun in the field
  52. Greatv weekend at the Regionals.
  53. Great weekend for Abby & Kate.
  54. Miles held his duck!
  55. Our first time out...
  56. Gettin' started!
  57. My first home bred MH!
  58. 2 new JH's for Mom's Day!
  59. Hunt Test Weekend Results
  60. Started pointing and flushing
  61. First Hunt Test Training
  62. Thinking about Junior Hunter
  63. Training Pics
  64. Lyme Vaccine
  65. Bow hunting with a dog?
  66. Brag about Wave
  67. Fetching!?
  68. What is the next step towards hunting?
  69. 16 month old yellow lab
  70. Gator the Blind Retriever
  71. Shock collar
  72. Lab and chicken
  73. New pup
  74. Upland hunting day (3 pics)
  75. Recommended Reading
  76. Abby in Manitoba. ( 3 pics)
  77. Last Day to Enter Labrador National Specialty Hunt Test
  78. Last hunt test of the year
  79. newb
  80. Youngster's first JH ribbons
  81. Getting pup ready to be a hunting pal?
  82. From NO RETRIEVE at all to following hand signals with NO words in one week!!!!
  83. shutting down
  84. Am I wasting my time?
  85. WC in the north east???
  86. Ellie Mae qualified for the Master National this weekend.
  87. Abby got her MHR tkitle this weekend.
  88. Looking for Detection Dog Candidates
  89. anyone know any good field trainers in the northeast?
  90. First real hunt for Sparty
  91. using E-collar need some advice..
  92. You Know It Is A Good Super Singles Event When.....
  93. First dog. Male or Female?
  94. Looking for Labs
  95. whats the basic training needed for field trial
  96. hunting trials
  97. Woke up at 5am on Sunday
  98. Hunt Tests vs Field Trials
  99. Abby got her senior title.
  100. Big D HRC UKC Hunt Test 9/26 & 9/27
  101. when to force fetch?
  102. getting puppies birdy
  103. Abby's first senior test in NAHRA.
  104. Not fully retrieving
  105. seminar
  106. Enter the JL Dog Show!!
  107. Our First Senior Test Results
  108. Entered Senior for the first time
  109. 2nd attempt for JH leg
  110. Chair Person Notes
  111. Abby got her intermediate title.
  112. Sam Ferguson, SH
  113. Ambers Weekend
  114. E-collar Book and Video Recommendations Needed
  115. WC - advice for training?
  116. Help Needed
  117. e-collar (Tone Only)
  118. 3rd pass
  119. Just looking for Ducks
  120. Senior Test
  121. Just your basic pile of ducks
  122. Introducing pups to gunfire?
  123. One More for AA
  124. She always wants MORE....
  125. Diver Hunting
  126. Newbie Question
  127. HELP--Band ??
  128. Hilarious.......
  129. A few hunting pictures from the first 2 weeks
  130. Ballard WMA---And A First for AA-Duke
  131. Back in the Saddle
  132. AKC Hunt Test Seminar January 24th Chino, CA (near Los Angeles)
  133. Oliver's first pigeon and duck! (very pic heavy)
  134. Gone goose hunting (pics)
  135. Heres to the 1st Velvetine in the field
  136. A few firsts for Amber
  137. This is really cool!
  138. Hunt Test Results
  140. Like watching a pot boil....Update: Puppies are HERE!
  141. HOLLYWOODS ,BLACKJACKS, Shovelers , eH
  142. To Register or Not To Register, That is The Question
  143. Our first hunt tests (a loooong recap of this weekend)
  144. Running Order this weekend (our first hunt tests!)
  145. Got two Seasoned passes and the TITLE!
  146. Dogs and Lilly pads
  147. Abby's back from Canada (pics)
  148. Shot my first duck!
  149. Thank you for the help.
  150. Well, I just sent in a check for the upcoming LRCSC WC test...
  151. Looking for training help in Kentucky
  152. Got two Seasoned passes!
  153. my hunt test videos
  154. How do i get into the working lark
  155. WC/WCX
  156. Need help training my new lab.Please
  157. Add another JH from this weekend!!
  158. Earned our JH Title This Weekend!
  159. 2 new JH's in the family!
  160. Great weekend at the hunt test.
  161. Comedy of errors but
  162. I am not sure what happened but I am now the chairman for the April Hunt Test?
  163. Running for our JH Title This Weekend
  164. JH legs/Indiana test info
  165. Sending a dog from a boat...
  166. WHY
  167. Our AKC Pigeon Hunt Test UPDATED for Sunday!
  168. Unfair!
  169. Badger LRC WC/AWC closes 8/28
  170. What to do when a mark goes horribly wrong?
  171. Amber got a live flyer Duck today!
  172. Question on running order
  173. Hoss did it!
  174. Intro, and hunting evaluation
  175. Some hunt test training photos I just received...
  176. Kelly- I ordered the books you recommended...
  177. Gah, can I throw up now?
  178. Another Evey retrieving video
  179. We are back!
  180. Kelly and Donna- will you guys be at the Mock hunt tests on the 24th?
  181. American Style Field Training of Young Pups at Deep Run Farm
  182. Abby got two passes this weekend. (4 pics)
  183. FF Training- the "saga" continues...well, not really. LOL
  184. So Cal Field Training Days Prado
  185. Proofing for Earthquakes
  186. weekend hunt tests
  187. Goofy flying dog! (8 pics)
  188. Our day at the 'training ponds' Lots of Pictures
  189. Live flyer blind....thoughts on training?
  190. JH leg #1 and 3 WCs
  191. Your favorite training method, dvd, book...
  192. And does it get better than
  193. Final Hunt Class
  194. What age to start training for titles?
  195. Practice JH Test at Prado (LONG)
  196. Lots of training pics from this weekend.
  197. Videos of Evey doing some marks
  198. Hunt Class #4 - Ack!
  199. Training age for hunting?
  200. FTP and Mark and Decoy Questions
  201. About to twack Rocky with the bumper - Updated Sunday (second page)
  202. couple of questions.
  203. Our day at the hunt test.....
  204. Class #2 - darn humidity
  205. Photos from training this past weekend at the IVRC beginning hunt test classes
  206. Congratulations Tatyana and Scotty!
  207. Bailey received her 3rd JH leg on Saturday
  208. More beginning hunt test training classes today and tomorrow...
  209. Wants to go Hunting?!?
  210. Hunt Class #1 - recalls/retrieves
  211. Darn Cold Tail!!
  212. Hunt Test - Prior Lake, MN This Weekend
  213. Blue's a JH!
  214. Beginning Field Class (mentioned below)- Class #1 of the series of 10
  215. Swap a hunt.
  216. Fetching
  217. 1st Master Hunt Test
  218. Title Abreviations
  219. Beginning Field Training Class - Southern California- Prado
  220. Rider finished his SHR!
  221. Got 1st & 2nd JH legs this weekend! (Our first hunt test)
  222. UKC Hunt Test 5/25
  223. UPDATE: Got 3rd JH leg on Sunday! Another JH leg for Scotty
  224. Scallop on TT
  225. e-collar recommendations
  226. Some photos from the LRCSC Training Day this past Saturday (What fun!!!)...
  227. Another bad habit to break...
  228. Changes in AKC Hunt Test Rules
  229. Only retriever people
  230. 2 new WC's
  231. Fuji's Mother's Day
  232. Roxy's and Scotty's Fun Day
  233. So Cal Field Training Day May 17
  234. First Hunt Test Coming Up
  235. Training Information
  236. weepy eye--check teeth!
  237. Just a little brag.
  238. Super Single series at Chino (Prado) Saturday 26th of April
  239. Foxtails - Check your dogs - Crosspost from LC
  240. Pedigree of these dogs?
  241. Hunt Test and WC/WCX this past weekend and a Title
  242. My new pup.
  243. My Maxx Puppy -- Updated (in first post)
  245. WC question
  246. Robert Milner's video
  247. Gunfire introduction
  248. LRCSC WC/Hunt Test practice day yesterday
  249. DONE with hunt tests for this season!!!!!!!!!
  250. Where can I find birds