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  1. New Obedience Titles To Be Offered
  2. A Gripe
  3. Pottying at Dog Shows.
  4. A little bit "too much" attention! (pics added)
  5. Ruger's Utility Runs Today
  6. Show and go
  7. I'm Proud To Introduce....
  8. Did a fun run with the boys this
  9. Winnebago Rally Picture
  10. Susan
  11. Lydia
  12. Tried Some Polish Obedience Today
  13. Caleb's not as famous sister
  14. We got another PreNovice leg!! WOOHOO!!
  15. I just love my training classes
  16. Polish Obedience (video)
  17. A judging schedule question...
  18. A question about A/B classes...
  19. Sophie's agility run (video)
  20. What I Bought in Canada
  21. Back From Canada!
  22. Yeah!! we got our 2nd Novice Jumpers Leg!!
  23. "B" matches
  24. Rally question
  25. Yeah!! we finally got our NF title!
  26. Results from the Sarnia KC show!! :) (UPDATED: Sunday results!)
  27. Wow, big Rally changes coming....
  28. Leaving early Thursday morning
  29. Moose had a great run thru at class - maybe I can get a CD with him
  30. Ruger Does Utility (pics)
  31. Remington Does Agility (pics)
  32. We started VST training on Saturday
  33. Show Question
  34. For Lew Jenkins (golf)
  35. Susan
  36. Linda and Kona
  37. Puppy Training .... :)
  38. Results of the Rally Run-Thru
  39. Linda and Ruger
  40. Directed jumping
  41. Another Friday Night Run-Thru
  42. Remington Looking Sweet (pic)
  43. NADAC Hoopers
  44. Remington 6 month portrait
  45. Oo, Oo, Oo, We Got A Stand!
  46. Finn graduated :)
  47. Do You Put Treats In Your Mouth?
  48. This Poem Fits
  49. One tired puppy...
  50. Worked on Zeke's speed in agility - videos
  51. News Paper Article
  52. Besty
  53. A bird in the ring was almost lunch!!!
  54. Murray is a retriever
  55. They done good
  56. Looking for some info...
  57. Another Good Weekend
  58. Dumbell Question?
  59. Agility Pairs Champ
  60. Taking pictures of agility is harder than it looks
  61. Time and a good dog
  62. Judging schedule questions!
  63. He Remembers!
  65. More obedience newbie questions!
  66. Linda (raian) - NADAC videos for you
  67. Ok, amuse me a moment...
  68. Murray is freakn' NUTS! - update at the top
  69. Sandra Ladwig's methods?
  70. Go-out box question.
  71. I've Been Left Behind.
  72. Title Picture
  73. GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  74. Clicker training for obedience? (long)
  75. Question about entering multiple classes in one trial...
  76. Complaints About Remington Unwarranted...
  77. finding a CGC test
  78. Eeeep! Henery starts "real" obedience tomorrow!
  79. My weekend
  80. Need help/suggestions for teaching kids about Rally
  81. AKC Awards Magazine
  82. Magnum's 2nd Leg
  83. Mugnum's First Leg
  84. Friday Night Run-Thru
  85. Zeke Update
  86. My little show-off dog
  87. Need Agility Game Ideas Please
  88. NLR - sophie's training update - wee brags
  89. Need some really good ideas to help Sky on her recall
  90. Match and show this weekend....I'm tired already
  91. Remington's First Match
  92. Sometimes you just don't know what will happen...
  93. Connie Cleveland charts
  94. The good and bad of our rally trial this weekend
  95. For the Obedience Peeps
  96. For the agility folks
  97. Another day another dollar
  98. This Will Make You Smile :)
  99. I never learn...
  100. Wags for Wishes and other shows
  101. New Practice Jumps...
  102. Charleston Dog Training Club
  103. Just had to share a compliment
  104. I don't think I can do it....
  105. Going to my largest show ever - hopefully to get last Nov. rally leg next wknd
  106. Remington Recalls
  107. Back with a small brag
  108. Ambers Results for Monday 5-28-07
  109. Agility question - teaching left & right
  110. Yeah!! Good measurement and Good runs
  111. Our first agility lesson wasn't very exciting - UPDATE 2nd week better!
  112. Off For the Weekend
  113. Ok trying agility again.
  114. scent articles
  115. Remington Learns "Down/Stay"
  116. one more agility video
  117. had fun at the agility (videos)
  118. Teaching the retrieves
  119. Doing an agility seminar
  120. Agility Lesson
  121. Teaching scent articles
  122. Sky and my son start beginning agility next week!
  123. Max 200 Sale
  124. Entry fee info please!
  125. Its a UD for Shamrock and Terry!!!
  126. The best Mother's Day Present from my dog.
  127. 1st tracking lesson
  128. Sunday results
  129. Ambers first official 2 year old measurement
  130. Did I Hear That Someone Did Well at Akron All-Breed?
  131. we're off to the show (updated)
  132. My gating arrived!!!
  133. Obedience jump heights
  134. need help with moving down
  135. so..what time should i get there?
  136. Did I mention......
  137. What next???
  138. New Beginnings... starting Remington's training
  139. Essy takes RWB
  140. Scrapbooking Items for Dog Show People
  141. Great news!!
  142. Ouch!!
  143. Caleb the Clown
  144. Going for our RA title
  145. Angus was perfect in class tonight
  146. Help - How to teach back for Rally Adv. sooooo frustrating!!!
  147. Performance problems during practice
  148. What is included in the heeling pattern for novice?
  149. Who's going to the LOC Specialty this year??
  150. Agility classes - I found one
  151. Monday I started both Moose & Sky in comp prep classes back to back
  152. Terri Arnold book
  153. More Woes With Ruger's Toes
  154. Opinion of E-collars?
  155. Ethics Question
  156. Small Brag
  157. timing question
  158. Shark line?
  159. RallyAdvanced Title pic
  160. agility weekend
  161. Weekend Results--more of the same
  162. Betsy
  163. Friday's and Saturday's Trial
  164. The World's Fastest NQ!
  165. Going for 2nd RA leg tomorrow
  166. I think Ruger's toe is broken...
  167. WooHoo!! Moose got his first RN leg today! UPDATE got 2nd leg!
  168. To All Who Are Showing This Weekend...
  169. Trial weekend
  170. Ruby's Potomac photos
  171. Wish us luck!
  172. Going for Henery's last rally novice leg next weekend!! WOOHOO!!
  173. Betsy--LQ Ad
  174. What time of day is your best training time?
  175. A Small Brag
  176. So close I was planning the celebration - but not quite yet
  177. I just had the worst weekend of my life
  178. No Rally trial for Grace
  179. Hey Betsy
  180. Another Good Work Session
  181. Advice for a beginner for trialing day
  182. Rally Advanced A next weekend
  183. Remington -- first show results
  184. HIT Picture from WPKA
  185. Just got the Judging program for my first Trial
  186. New Master Agility title!
  187. NLR..Had a good work out with Robbie last night
  188. Remington's First Show
  189. Kodi just cracks me up
  190. Got Some Good Work in This Weekend
  191. New title! (with no help from my dog!)
  192. Magnum has his CGN
  193. Today's Correction Match
  194. show schedule for the summer :)
  195. Hudler got his title
  196. Congratulations
  197. Our prizes
  198. We're back.........
  199. Saturday results - Third place
  200. Ruby's first Potomac
  201. Scotty got his Novice A title at Potomac!
  202. Is that the fat lady I hear singing?
  203. I'm so bummed - I really really want to do agility with Sky - cannot find class
  204. More Good News from the Potomac Coming
  205. Tracking Question?
  206. Another newbie question - regarding vaccinations
  207. Linda and Kona at the Potomac
  208. Getting Ready for the Weekend!
  209. short agility video
  210. Getting Grace ready for rally
  211. Countdown to Hud's first title
  212. Suggestions for collars during rally/obedience
  213. MAKE IT STOP!!!!!
  214. video for the agility folks - punk rock border collies
  215. Agility
  216. As ready as we'll ever be!
  217. Saturday Utility Results
  218. Friday Night Rally Results
  219. Another Surprise on Caleb's Breeder's Home Page
  220. Caleb Goes For A Ride
  221. Caleb This Past Weekend
  222. Yay for our new agility instructors!
  223. Cross Post - Giardia and dog classes
  224. YABTC Rally & Obedience Show this weekend
  225. drugs at shows question
  226. Can't catch a break - update
  227. Remington Does Agility
  228. Need a tip or two with Pivots...
  229. I did it - my entry is officially in!
  230. AKC Agility championships - course maps and results
  231. Obedience Trophy
  232. Weekend agility report
  233. We're back and what a weekend!
  234. News from Susan and Caleb
  235. Karen- how'd it go?
  236. Zeke's Rally Advanced Results
  237. I hate being such a newbie - need some help with completing an entry form
  238. What do you think I should do (CGC vent)
  239. Input SVP
  240. Rally Advanced Question
  241. One more question - than I'll stop bugging everyone
  242. Wish us luck!
  243. I'm going to enter Moose in a Rally Novice - just have to figure out when
  244. Off For the Weekend
  245. Ah, Puppies are FUN
  246. Dayna et al, the official word on A and B Rally classes...
  247. dumbbells
  248. OK, I have to say it: Open class is scaring me
  249. So I was wondering
  250. Sophie's adventures in agility