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  1. Whew! What a day.
  2. Zeke's Latest Rally Run Thru Attempt (sequel to the fiasco of two weeks ago)
  3. That was a better job, Soph... bit of a breakthrough
  4. HELP
  5. Your Huron River update
  6. Hey-All-You-Knowledgeable-Folks!! Help please!!
  7. Going to Top Dog
  8. Can my luck get worse?
  9. New Utility Articles
  10. Anatomy of the broad jump (pic)
  11. Dumbbell Fit (pics)
  12. Repetition, repetition, repetition
  13. Good luck to everyone going to Huron River!!!
  14. The "BEAN RECIPE"!
  15. Monday was a sad day
  16. Aw Crapola, Ruger.....
  17. Caleb head shot
  18. Ah 18 days!
  19. New Titles!
  20. Switched from Open to Rally Ex.
  21. Match next weekend
  22. Day 2 of Adv Rally and Obed
  23. What a weekend!
  24. So mad I could pee!
  25. Sunday Rally Nov A Results
  26. The good, the bad and the ugly ..........
  27. Home from Parkersburg Obedience Training Club trial
  28. Back from our fun match!!
  29. The good and bad of Saturdays trial (we got our first CD leg)
  30. Ruger In Action (pic)
  31. Rally Novice A Saturday Results
  32. Dilemma resolved!
  33. OTCH question
  34. Cavalier High in Trial Brag
  35. Need some JL luck!
  36. See ya!
  37. Hey Susan!
  38. Sophie sophie sophie...
  39. For those that compete outdoors - what is done if it rains?
  40. Dilemma, dilemma... what would you all do?
  41. drop on recall question
  42. Susan - re: Huron River, YABCT and CABTC
  43. Pix from the show this past weekend (pix intensive)
  44. In about three months...
  45. Woohoo!! Christmas came early to our house! :D
  46. For Susan
  47. how would you handle this?
  48. AKC Mixed Breed - Performance Events
  49. Hey Melissa!
  50. What A Group (pic)
  51. My Girl Magnum Is So EXCITED....
  52. Utility article question
  53. AKC National Tracking Invitational
  54. Day 2 in review
  55. first tracking lesson today
  56. Why is it....
  57. Another day, another $50 in entry fees
  58. labbie2's Legend gets his CGC!!!
  59. I am so weak
  60. FIRST PLACE in OPEN A! (pics) -- Third Place on Sunday
  61. Rally Run Thru Tomorrow! --------Updated
  62. Question about xrays for agility
  63. Retrieve Question (Open)
  64. Our Open A debut tomorrow and Sunday
  65. Eeeeep!! I just entered Henry in his first NoviceA obedience trials!
  66. Spitting food...
  67. Most common Rally signs for Novice?
  68. Need Your Opinion/Input please
  69. I am so sad.....
  70. First show of the season
  71. WOW! You've all been busy!
  72. Hey Pat!
  73. Rally Advanced
  74. Decided to try our luck at Novice Obedience
  75. NLR..Robbie is entered in his first
  76. Dog Show Tent
  77. What size Dumbells?
  78. Maddy's trying Open again--updated
  79. The Haul
  80. Funny story from the show this weekend...
  81. She did it again!!!
  82. Back from Hamburg, NY!! (4 pics)
  83. More Great UKC News
  84. show n'go
  85. Our first UKC shows
  86. First Rally Excellent leg, First place, Human bad, Dog - Priceless!
  87. Uh Oh....
  88. Wish us luck!
  89. Having your cake...and uh...
  90. Question for those who show
  91. I am SO VERY PROUD of Emilu!
  92. Good CGC book?
  93. YIKES!
  94. Hopefully title this weekend...
  95. I'm confuddled...
  96. ribbons
  97. The Ear Pinch Means....
  98. New Rally Title...
  99. Something interesting from this weekend
  100. A moderately successful weekend in Rally
  101. Couple pictures from this past weekend
  102. Signal exercise question
  103. Just Back From Michigan--with a small brag
  104. A wee brag......
  105. Remington Learning hand signals
  106. Straightening finishes?
  107. Good Luck To Anyone Showing This Weekend!!!
  108. Changing it up...
  109. Heads Up Attention
  110. Question about arms and where they go during long sits/downs and recall...?
  111. Question on long sits and downs (for those who show)
  112. Training Journal
  113. ready...or not?
  114. Willard Bailey has a new book out...
  115. The good and bad of the jr handler trial
  116. Back To Training
  117. Oh, this is so FRUSTRATING
  118. JL peeps are THE BEST!!
  119. Rally Newbie with ?'s
  120. Yay! Today's lesson was better than last week!
  121. one last JH trial
  122. Tell me what your favourite training books are! :)
  123. Betsy
  124. proofing the stays
  125. Few pictures from Queen City show
  126. Utility stats
  127. Henery's CKC RN title photo!!
  128. based on conrad's visualization thread
  129. First time out!!!
  130. Gabby got her CGC today
  131. UPDATED: Another first place! Got first place and second leg in ASCA Novice A
  132. need opinions on the class, please
  133. *scratching head* (a question about leads...)
  134. (Off Topic) new QUAD CHampion Border Collie!
  135. Trying to teach Zeke the dumbbell - video clips
  136. For Susan
  137. utility articles
  138. My Three (pic)
  139. Hey Kelly
  140. AKC question
  141. May I pick your brains about "stand for exam"?
  142. Well, I Bought It....
  143. Looking for obedience fun matches... Ontario/Michigan??
  144. Your thoughts on this one please...
  145. those of you who have taken a CGC test
  146. Agility Peeps -- I need FAST class ...
  147. Big decision day tomorrow -- UPDATED
  148. Need low fat training treat ideas
  149. Check out the rosette for a double q!
  150. By Golly! I think he's getting it!
  151. Terri Arnold's Steppin Up to Success
  152. Most bang for your buck?
  153. First Rally Class Tomorrow
  154. What a lovely CGC Class I had!!!
  155. One down and only 99 to go!!!
  156. Betsy
  157. Sun match results
  158. Grace's 2nd Rally Novice B leg!
  159. He PASSED!!!!!! (and other news!!) X-post from LC
  160. What traits do you look for in a competition dog?
  161. FIRST UDX LEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  162. Woohoo!! Henery passed the CGN test!!!
  163. the mental game
  164. Lab Nationals October 6th-12th
  165. Anna and Jager start obedience classes next week!
  166. Nobody Showing This Weekend?
  167. Is two ok?
  168. Rally Signs -- Great Idea!
  169. Where we are vs. where we hope to be
  170. Zeke voices his opinions of obedience (video evidence)
  171. Here's my Rhyser Boy
  172. hooray!
  173. Tents / canopies at Trials
  174. Good Grief Remington
  175. does this sound like a good plan?
  176. I'm SO EXCITED....
  177. Sigh... another disappointment
  178. contact zones.. what methods?
  179. HIT Picture from that terrible weekend
  180. The gal with the six month old RN puppy (update)
  181. Kinda dumb question.....
  182. Next Rally trial
  183. Introducing...
  184. Emilu's probably one and only HIT!!! (B-match results)
  186. Agility this weekend (Results)
  187. NLR Cedar graduated
  188. Another JH agility trial * * UPDATE * *
  189. Back-talk?
  190. Training Classes and Pitt Bulls
  191. We did the dog walk in agility for the first time and Sky fell off - she's okay
  192. Question/Opinion on AKC Regulation
  193. Follow-up on hotel...
  194. B match this Staturday!
  195. Just wanted to wish everyone luck over the next few weeks while I'm away
  196. Huron River Specialty
  197. Outdoor show question...
  198. Yeek! Just put in our first premium for Sophie's debut fun match
  199. New Obedience Titles?
  200. The weekend only got better!
  201. Betsy
  202. A pretty good day in Rally
  203. Sky got her CGC today! and other match news
  204. Zeke is no longer a 3-time CGC failure....
  205. Online instructions/specifications for making jumps??
  206. Gift Ideas
  207. Personal Assessment questionaire
  208. Finally! Our Potomac obedience video is here
  209. News from the Junior Handler front
  210. Ruby? Infinitely wise?
  211. Lydia, How Did Meghan Do ????
  212. Well...... It's Official.....
  213. Please wish them luck
  214. Marshall MI
  215. NLR..Cedar had his first agility class tonight..
  216. Weave pole trouble
  217. Well, there goes my weekends for awhile...
  218. Should I take a stand on this?
  219. ARRRRGGGHHHHH... my agility instructor has lost her rental space...
  220. Talk to the 4-H judge
  221. My First "Rally Experience"!!
  222. Well Things Did Get Better
  223. Hopeful news... maybe... UPDATE: We're in the show!! :))
  224. This Weekend Just Keeps Getting Worse!
  225. Betsy
  226. Well, not a great weekend thus far
  227. Judging
  228. My first time working a Obedience Match
  229. Terrible Night!
  230. Rant about Canada Post and why I'll do online entries from now on!!
  231. Training Question - What should I do?
  232. Judging schedule questions...
  233. Our first outdoor show is coming up...
  234. Touching Base
  235. obedience help wanted..
  236. Ruger's TV Commercial
  237. Great Morning
  238. Rally Questions
  239. clinic next weekend
  240. Working on the dog's Drive...
  241. Agility Class
  242. Amber is listed as #1 dog in Novice A ..BUT...
  243. Great price for Noz2Noz soft crate at Doolittle Pet Products
  244. Really Nice Shirt Designs
  245. talk to me about force breaking
  246. Anyone use a dog tent vs crate?
  247. Oh the decisions!
  248. Drat - major bummer!
  249. Mountaineer HIT
  250. WOOHOO -- Big Training Breakthru!!!