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  1. okay, one more agility question
  2. Holy Cow! I knew he was good, but...
  3. let me try again
  4. more weekend results
  5. FAST question
  6. agility question (s)
  7. South Carolina Linda and Monnie
  8. Well, still not there, but does keep getting better!
  9. Weekend Rally Results
  10. Request counsel with the great minds of JL obedience
  11. Don't you love 2nd guessing
  12. New RA title
  13. Angus Novice Day Two Results
  14. Not a bad weekend in the Novice ring!
  15. NADAC agility results ~update at top~
  16. Well POOP..
  17. Please welcome JL's newest Nurse!
  18. Angus Novice Obedience Results
  19. Why? I say WHY?
  20. SNOW-gility!
  21. Finally! A Good class from start to finish!
  22. In the Open class match last night...
  23. It was only a fun match, but
  24. just sent in our first open entry :)
  25. Another Novice question: Leaving the ring after groups
  26. CPE Trial in Southeastern Connecticut/April
  27. Front and Finish ratings discontinued
  28. aproximation of wildcard course
  29. So where does everyone start.. new to AKC/UKC Obedience
  30. How to keep training fun?
  31. opportunity for me to foster a Golden Retriever DECISION MADE!!
  32. A few Novice questions
  33. Anyone have any obedience showing tips for me? :)
  34. Puppy Got Bit At Class
  35. Remington Attacked His Brother
  36. Sat match
  37. Simon Rally Results Day Two
  38. Labrador Bathroom Re-do
  39. What a very frustrating trial day
  40. Simon's Rally Results
  41. So frustrated
  42. Our first agility trial of the
  43. Amber
  44. OK, I have to brag just a little...bear with me...:)
  45. Our shows coming up
  46. OK here we go!
  47. Quick show question entry - need answer tonight!
  48. Obedience problem....
  49. Two Down - One to Go!
  50. Ruby's big fat retrieve!
  51. infodog and agility
  52. Offside Weaves
  53. Remington Running Contacts
  54. Teaching DOR...
  55. Our results
  56. Having a serious problem...need serious suggestions
  57. well well well - CPE Nationals here we come ;)
  58. a very bad lab mix and a very good no lab :)
  59. RAE leg 7
  60. Are you kidding me?
  61. Labs, especially Murray, are way to smart for their own good. xpost from Lab Cha
  62. Agility Question, Running Contacts
  63. Yeah - we finally made it around the figure 8 with food in our rally class
  64. 4 H agility ?
  65. When to change trainers
  66. Agility Results
  67. Strider to be a Calendar boy
  68. Pat--Emilu's Mom
  69. Sunday obedience/rally update
  70. Article about Papp's Dog Services (fixed)
  71. Teaching hold?
  72. Oh so close...
  73. rally brag
  74. New idea for practicing go-outs!
  75. Eeeeee!!!!! Our first Open class!!! :D
  76. Trying to get ready to leave..
  77. Drum roll please........................
  78. We did it!
  79. snow snow SNOW
  80. Time for the fun to stop being fun?
  81. OH NO!
  82. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!
  83. I just looked at a calendar...
  84. Anyone know how to contact Judith/Scout??
  85. Canine Good Citizen ... we were so close
  86. Sun/Mon show results
  87. O.K. point out to the WHOLE class that I am Fat!
  88. We're in the Ribbons! (pic)
  89. I'm Almost Embarassed (weekend agility results)
  90. We're back
  91. Sunday Run-thru
  92. Libby's RN Title Photo from SDLRC...Too funny!
  93. Sat results
  94. Prenovice
  95. Sit - Wait - and then what???
  96. I am so bummed
  98. Fri obedience/agility results
  99. All-Star Performance Dog Championship...
  100. Headed out for a 3 day show
  101. Labrapals!! I JUMMMMPED tonight!! I really did!!! by Henery!
  102. ah if only i could print my own money.. .susan salo seminar
  103. looking for great ideas...
  104. Funniest thing you've gotten back on confirmation or entry....
  105. Dumbbell training tips
  106. Le'ts Have Fun
  107. She's a retriever, I couldn't leave her if I tried.......
  108. Great...I wonder what happens now
  109. for everyone that's been embarrassed by their dogs at...
  110. Caleb has been invited to UKC Premier
  111. Getting a dog in for training. What AM I getting into!?
  112. How do you get them to stop digging?
  113. Sun obedience results
  114. motivation
  115. Go Rocky!
  116. show n' go results
  117. Sat Obedience Trial Results
  118. soft crate question
  119. My instructor tried to fool Kodi, but
  120. Gabby brags :)
  121. Doh, I can't believe it but...
  122. eeeeekkkkkkk......just entered Robbie in the
  123. a mental management quote ;)
  124. Father & Son rally brag
  125. Essy's newest title
  126. We need your very best ideas - sitting crooked
  127. Question about command use...
  128. Open Question
  129. New agility dog - long (NLR)
  130. another agility question (books)
  131. For Instructors (or anyone selling anything)
  132. novice agility questions
  133. Libby and I will be going for her 3rd and final RN leg this weekend in San Diego
  134. looking for agility drills, course maps and exercises?
  135. Anyone going to be at the Fiesta Classic
  136. Don't worry, I'll handle this
  137. obedience match
  138. LRC Piedmont -- hanging out with the judges...
  139. Ruger LRC Piedmont results
  140. South Carolina Linda
  141. he didn't turn into a lab
  142. The weekend--the good and bad
  143. first excellent leg :)
  144. brag
  145. On a Happier Note - Emilu's CD pic
  146. The black hole
  147. Sophie's 2nd trial
  148. Sigh........ what to do?.......
  149. Has anyone had to retrain weave poles?
  150. YIPPEE!!! First rally advanced/excellent class tonight! :)
  151. AKC/CKC A/B class question...
  152. New agility classes..
  153. Wow, I forgot how hard it is...
  154. I think we could do this
  155. Canadian Kennel Club jump heights/veterans
  156. He Tried His Best To Fly/Die Today
  157. Drop question
  158. more mental management stuff
  159. Fun match weekend
  160. Training for jumps - suggestions?
  161. Where's debjen???
  162. Interesting Thing.... (Susan/Caleb)
  163. Quick question for those with more than one dog.
  164. Graduate Beginner Class -- update
  165. My Letter To The 2007 Obedience Advisory Committee
  166. Deep Snow
  167. We're home
  168. Sophie's debut .. the good, the bad..
  169. Well crap...I mean YEA!!!!
  170. frustrating (vent about rude agility people)
  173. Ruger Sunday Results - Our First UD Leg!!!
  174. Ruger, Saturday Show Results
  175. Double trial today
  176. OMG!!!! I'm such an idiot. I'm so embarrassed.
  177. Oh lah!! What are the chances!!
  178. Graduate Beginner Class
  179. Question About in between exercises in Utility
  180. Susan and Caleb
  181. How soon do you get your title certificates??
  182. Help Please -- Snooker course
  183. titling question
  184. The down side to training outside only
  185. Growling and Snarling
  186. CPE results (agility)
  187. He Did Go-outs!!!!!
  188. Hey all - I feel like it has been forever since I've been here
  189. show n' go results
  190. Well, it wasn't pretty.... but....
  191. Pray this is a sign of things to come
  192. Good Luck Henry and Felicia!
  193. Skippy's "first" obedience class (again!)
  194. Puppy at 11 weeks ... missed socialization? Too late now?? Challenges?
  195. Wow, something happened to Ruger
  197. Well, it's about time...
  198. Do You Remember My Tent Incident???
  199. Am I Going To Have Time???
  200. USDAA question
  201. Doing articles is sooo much fun!
  202. My Homework
  203. Murray's NADAC agility results
  204. If Only They'd Allow....
  205. two new titles (UPDATED WITH PICS)
  206. and heeeeereeeee we go!
  207. Rally rankings
  208. Doggie class etiquette question....
  209. Will she ever settle down?
  210. OhMiGosh.
  211. Starting Agility Tonight!! WOOT!!
  212. Well, we're back on
  213. agility equipment from the AKC nationals for sale (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
  214. Hips and Elbows
  215. I still can't get over it!
  216. suggestions needed
  217. Is 2nd Good Enough?
  218. utility - go out question
  219. Last group
  220. Few more pictures
  221. Few pictures from our visit at Linda and Ruger's
  222. Gabs got her U-CD
  223. All-Star Performance Dog Championship
  224. We're home!
  225. Rally NEW SIGNS Help Please
  226. I busted my arse!
  227. another UKC question
  228. We got another title!!
  229. It's Getting Fun Now!
  230. Remington
  231. how did your dogs make your heart sing this year?
  232. more sports pysc to inspire us all :)
  233. I'm a BAD trainer!
  234. Caleb (pics)
  235. Fri. show results
  236. Grrrr... mad at Max 200
  237. Anyone have a starters snookers map?
  238. I could use some luck (Update 1st post)
  239. We found Rocky's Brain
  240. sportsmanship link
  241. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  242. For shows that don't allow soft crates...
  243. Need to pick your training brains... (re: long down)
  244. So I hadn't really wanted to go to agility class
  245. Christmas Came Early
  246. Amber Agility Pics From open title run
  247. South Carolina Linda
  248. Agility Poem
  249. Zeke finally got some agility practice...
  250. Sun NADAC trial results