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  1. Does anyone do Tracking? I want to find out more!
  2. First Rally Fun Trial - And question about Drive/Interest
  3. Walking Backwards
  4. For those who work a job and show
  5. Excellent Handler ??? / Excellent Dog???
  6. Saturday Night Agility Course
  7. Another Newbie Rally Question
  8. Anyone hear how Scotty and Tatyana did???
  9. I'm excited
  10. A few questions about Open
  11. Picking an obedience puppy - advice?
  12. Rally Trials Question (fun trial)
  13. RA Leg 1 down
  14. Getting exicted
  16. Finding a CKC Rally competition
  17. Wish Us Luck (Utility Debut)!!! -- UPDATE
  18. Remington and the Weaves & Table
  19. Shamrock earns Novice Preferred JWW
  20. Agility with no equipment but good friends...
  21. Caleb is nationally ranked again!
  22. LRC Nationals
  23. Baloo's first trial results!!
  24. How do you "play" with your dogs?
  25. my dumb new at this question
  26. Talked to Linda Brennan about All Star...
  27. Getting Fit For Showing
  28. Good news...I think
  29. Labrador Nationals in GA
  30. GAHHHHHHHHHHH why do we play these dumb games again?
  31. After many months of reading this forum...
  32. Back from All-Star Performance Dog Championship
  33. the BAD the MAD the Brody ....
  34. Hudler earned his CD today.
  35. thinking good thoughts for everybody showing today
  36. Prices Up, Showing Down?
  37. She passed! I am so stoked...
  38. Proofing for Earthquakes
  39. Caleb update
  40. Today's the day!
  41. motivation
  42. RAE leg #13
  43. So happy with Emilu last night at class
  44. Lydia (rottnlabs), where have you gone?
  45. recommend local training
  46. Caleb's therapy
  47. Agility classes..
  48. Developments in the world of us...
  49. why leave a trainer?
  50. Hey Susan
  51. Another good weekend!
  52. Blue's a Nurse and Soon to Be RA!
  53. Obedience Trophy Costs
  54. Bad news for Skippy
  55. Video: Rocky and me do Rally
  56. UKC OB Saturday
  57. Butt-tucking, jumping, happy Skippy!!!
  58. Boys at the lake (photo intense)
  59. Help from Agility Folks Please
  60. Susan, How is Caleb?
  61. I AM SO Proud of Kodi!
  62. Got to do Agility again after a long time out...
  63. Agility successes, one trial at a time
  64. Our weeekend so far
  65. Our update
  66. Tony Ancheta Seminar
  67. sally is getting time off too - added question at bottom now!
  68. Guess Caleb will get some time off
  69. Frustrated
  70. Bit of a Scare with Ruger
  71. Another good and bad weekend
  72. Good day at a correction match!
  73. off to CPE trial #2 - everyone think good...
  74. My Boy Ruger (pic)
  75. Woooot! We did it!! We got our first Q!!! :D
  76. Haven't updated in a while
  77. A rare Zeke update
  78. Drop on recall Sucess!!!
  79. last update was June 3rd
  80. Do Ya'll think AKC will change the rules....
  81. Agility trial videos
  82. Weekend Agility Report..
  83. She passed!
  84. Agility song...
  85. How We Do Utility (pictures)
  86. Inconsistent training
  87. My Conundrum Of Getting A UD
  88. Training with a prong collar
  89. Recent rescues & training
  90. Wish us luck..(cav related)
  91. News from PSLRA Agility trial weekend
  92. Our weekend
  93. I have an etiquette question.. especially for the trainers....
  94. Fun run today with the Cavs
  95. show results
  96. No QQ's today
  97. Update on Dog reactivity/aggression - successful class story
  98. The Origins of Obedience
  99. Our weekend results
  100. 10 classes 7 qs!
  101. Bck from UKC's Premier and what a great time!
  102. I thought this was hilarious...
  103. We have a new "nurse" in our house
  104. Multiple Dogs and Sports/Activities
  105. 2 RAE legs done!
  106. from "getting help from the head doctor"
  107. Our weekend at LOC
  108. 1st q in Novice Standard
  109. We're 0 for 2 in Rally Advanced, but man, are we ever NQing spectacularly!!! LOL
  110. Interesting occurence at agility class this Tuesday.
  111. Loosing Interest at the end of class
  112. Canadian Rally Peeps - CARO or CKC?
  113. hehehe- watching "crate games" tonight
  114. CGC tonight! Update
  115. Does anyone have a video of themselves and their dog doing Open? Novice?
  116. CPE Nationals
  117. Question about Obedience in Ontario, Canada
  118. Another show report
  119. Sunday Obedience and Rally results..
  120. My Rally Class - AKA the retriever class!
  121. Maddy earned her RE today
  122. We also have a new "nurse" in our house
  123. Introducing our newest "nurse"
  124. Ohhhh Henery!!! *tales from the Rally Advanced ring!*
  125. Remington
  126. Baloo's debut to be postponed...
  127. Very cool!
  128. stand for examination
  129. Had a great class tonight
  130. Any one hear from rttnlabs (Lydia)?
  131. Starting another round of Rally Classes!!
  132. Weekend Results
  133. Day three and four
  134. Thanks for the good wishes- they worked!
  135. Boo agility results/videos
  137. We're 6/10 of the way there!
  138. New RE
  139. Day One and Day Two results
  140. Small Obedience AND Rally question (an easy one!)
  141. Wishing Conrad and Brody tons of good thoughts
  142. EEK!
  143. There is Hope!
  144. Need some help on working on Moose off heel attention
  145. weekend results
  146. Inspirational training video...
  147. Moose and I are off to try for that last CD leg - Update NQ
  148. New Versatile Lab!
  149. One of my favourite blogs...
  150. Back injuries - bouncing back?
  151. Rally Adv yesterday - what would you have done?
  152. Fun at agility practice last night
  153. Drop out
  154. Fun agility exercise from class last night..
  155. I Think This Is A Record
  156. OFA x-rays tomorrow... (UPDATED)
  157. Xpost from LC - Sky has a torn ACL
  158. Just plunked down my entries...
  159. One of our members is Famous!
  160. I DID IT!!!
  161. Yikes..just entered Robbie and Cedar in our local kennel club's show
  162. Our Sunday show results
  163. The Ugly, the Bad and the Good! (sat. show results) - long.......
  164. Sunday Show Results
  165. Today's results for Kona and Bo
  166. dogs are amazing
  167. Saturday Show Results for Ruger & Remington!!!
  168. What Have I Done?!?!!?
  169. New Obedience Dog
  170. great name ideas?
  171. New Rally rules
  172. utility class
  173. *So Excited!*
  174. xpost from O&E - Lydia's father passed away
  175. The little $#%@'s (Moose and I also took 2nd in Rally adv. Sat.)
  176. Missed it by "THAT" included
  177. Title abbreviation question...
  178. Not great, but better
  179. brody does it again (NLR)
  180. Remington's Agility Debut (pics)
  181. Ali RAE! Sunday Update (scroll down)
  182. Teaching to Leave me alone!!!
  183. Well poopie
  184. tis official!
  185. Ruger's Bloody Butt
  186. The keys to a good practice session
  187. Not really an obedience thread, but...
  188. Stop dogs from urinating
  189. Utility sucks!
  190. No QQ for us
  191. Well it continues to get better...
  192. Well it wasn't pretty but we got our RA and 1 more CD leg this weekend
  193. Caesar Millan 'Pack leader'
  194. We're entered in a Graduate Novice Class
  195. WooHoo - I just got into our clubs Open/Utility class
  196. For Instructors
  197. Agility Pinwheels
  198. some utility questions
  199. Our weekend results
  200. Murray gets an A+ for creativity tonight...
  201. It wasn't pretty
  202. Yeah! She sat in the rain!
  203. Very touching utube agility clip (definately need kleenex)
  204. Well, with nice weather finally here....
  205. Xrays - need to get Sky done before we start backup with agility
  206. So Cal Lab Specialty - just got my premium
  207. Club procedures re: liability, etc
  208. Too Hard For Beginners???
  209. Gah, I am about to send in the entry for
  210. Question on Jump Ht for Obedience (need answer soon)
  211. Sonya's first real dog show & rally trial
  212. Oh, I hope Cassie will eventually settle down enough around other dogs & people
  213. More Obedience For Me
  214. Why do they do this?!!!!
  215. bad training mommy
  216. white album rally report
  217. Pat and Emilu...
  218. Henery's Drop On Recall video... take 1. :)
  219. South Carolina Linda
  220. WooHoo, Remington Did It
  221. Fri Utility Show results
  222. Potomac results
  223. agility practice (pics)
  224. Saturday show results and I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THIS!!!!!!
  225. this looks like a less expensive way to do agility ;)
  226. Aggression
  227. My new puppy
  228. Tatyana and Scotty?
  229. Does He Look Like An Agility Dog? (pics)
  230. Remington and the Jumpers With Weaves Course
  231. Henry demonstrating that he can, indeed, "hold"...
  232. What to do with ribbons?
  233. Our weekend
  234. South Carolina Linda
  235. Today was better
  236. Sunday Agility Results
  237. *sigh* We've been working on "hold"...
  238. Sonya's first fun match
  239. Introducing...
  240. Robbie had a great day
  241. I am convinced that Caleb wants to kill me!
  242. sophie's first q!
  243. Another question about teaching "hold", if you don't mind. ;)
  244. Control Unleashed Seminar
  245. A question about Novice A and B...
  246. Question about looking up scores
  247. Had a good laugh last night
  248. Agility seminar this weekend
  249. anyone showing at the So Cal Lab specialty?
  250. Drop on recall: a work in progress.... and many questions!! (long)