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    Defaultpotty training 10 year old

    My father in law has a 10 year old yellow/white lab named Jake which is his hunting dog. Jake is in a large outdoor kennel all year 'round. I have always told my father in law that when Jake retires from hunting I would love to take him in to live out his life. My questions are: will a dog that was born and raised outside adjust to being an inside dog or would he rather be an outside dog?? Also, any opinions on if it will be really hard to potty train him after he has went to the bathroom in his kennel all of his life?? He is not retiring from hunting yet but I would assume in the next couple years so was just curious.

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    DefaultRe: potty training 10 year old

    you can housetrain an older dog ....
    when the time is closer we can give you more tricks

    and yes he will adapt well to the house and enjoy it - ideally he should start spending a little time in the house soon to start learning house manners aren't the same as kennel manners but even if he doesn't it's quite possible (be prepared for some FUNNY events tho - the first outdoor only dog I brought home walked into the house jumped on the dining room table and stood there wagging his tail - and that was less than one minute after walking in!)

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    DefaultRe: potty training 10 year old

    I adopted my 10yo GSD about 6 months ago. She had spent all of those 10 years as an outside dog & had no problems adjusting to becoming a house dog. Maybe it was because I already had my Pug & she finally had a playmate but within about 2 minutes of coming home, she was out the dog door & running around the yard with a toy in her mouth. She hasn't looked back.

    I had no problems house breaking her. It was like she had been with me forever. I think they know when they've hit the jackpot with their new life & really appreciate it. This is her adapting to her new home.

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    DefaultRe: potty training 10 year old

    I agree with everyone else! Wanted to say welcome!!


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