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    I had a 10 yr. old black lab,named Doogie. Whenever it would snow, he would go outside, and make "Doogie angels". You see, he had been hit by a truck but he was a trooper and survived it, but he lost his left front leg after just a yr. old. So he would lay on his left side(the side w/o a leg) and he would push himself across the yard w/ his right leg! is really looked like he was trying to make a snow angel. i wish i had a pic, but it was really cute. And he would do it EVERY year.

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    DefaultRe: Doogie Angles

    Oh my goodness, what lovely and so very happy memories you must have of Doogie.
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    DefaultRe: Doogie Angles

    Thanks for sharing that. Sounds like Doogie was a very special doggie.


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    DefaultRe: Doogie Angles

    It sounds like a very special doggie is right!


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