Recovering Senior Lab...a very close call.
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Thread: Recovering Senior Lab...a very close call.

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    DefaultRecovering Senior Lab...a very close call.

    I've been hesitant to post since this happened two weeks ago. But we're out of the woods, and I wanted to share our story of sadness and, ultimately, thanks.

    Our older Lab, Stormy, will be 11 in two weeks. She was a "working" dog for most of her life....a brood for a local guide dog organization (we are her full-time foster family). For the nine years we've had her, she's been an almost perfect dog (save for the occassional stolen drumstick!).

    A couple of weeks ago, Stormy was hit by a car. We had just gotten our puppy about ten days before, and my wife took Stormy into town while she did some shopping. Stormy always stays in the car until we tell her to come out...but this time, she got out for some reason, while the door was open. My wife didn't notice that the dog was gone until she saw her crossing a double yellow line road. It all happened very, very quickly.

    Two things saved Stormy's life: the car that hit her was being driven by an elderly man who was going relatively slowly...and he was able to hit the brake just before impact. Stormy was thrown airborne, then stumbled to her feet and slowly walked back into our car.

    The rest of the night was a stream of phone calls to the vet, lots of tears, and a mad 35-minute dash to the emergency clinic. My wife and daughter were a mess...and so was I.

    Miraculously, she did not have any broken bones or internal bleeding. She was in a lot of pain for about a week, but she has slowly started to come around and is now acting like her old self.

    We've been told by the doctors who have treated her that Stormy is in relatively good health, but like all 11-year old Labs, she is a "senior citizen". We've been told to enjoy the time we have left with her...but no one has to tell us that. Especially now.

    The photo below was taken earlier today....we had a great day.

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    DefaultRe: Recovering Senior Lab...a very close call.

    Oh thank goodness she is ok.

    My two are 11 next birthday and several years ago, they were about 7 at the time they both got run over on the same night.

    My husband was walking them on a field close to our house it was one of the days between halloween and bonfire night (5th Nov) they were running about when some youths unexpectedly appeared from the copse and released some fireworks off.

    The boys were of course terrified and bolted for home crossing a relatively busy road straight into the paths of 2 passing cars.

    Both were bowled over and Jasper my black lab was dragged a short way under the car.

    All things considered they got off lightly, Jasper looked worse, he had nasty cuts and bruises and friction burns from the road.

    Jonah the chocolate looked OK but was deeply deeply shocked and went very withdrawn.

    I know exactly how you must have been feeling these past few days, it was an awful shock to us too, thankfully our boys lived to tell the tale as well.

    Your picture of your girls is lovely, give them a big hug from me,


    "some days you are the dog, some days you are the tree!"
    Kate mom to Jed Jasmine and Joelly

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    DefaultRe: Recovering Senior Lab...a very close call.

    i'm so glad to hear that stormy is ok
    they are both just absolutely beautiful
    it's true
    enjoy every single second with them - because when they're gone - there is nothing worse
    at 11 - stormy is a senior for sure - but LOTS of GREAT life left
    my boy Ellis lived until 15 1/2....

    I'm glad your pups are ok

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    DefaultRe: Recovering Senior Lab...a very close call.

    I am so glad to hear Stormy is okay. I have an 11yr old too. Last year he got hit by a car and he and my other lab managed to get out of the gate. Reggie is doing fine though. He doesn't act his age at all. Smootches to Stormy.

    Blackie and Ranger ...............................Reggie: 1996-2010 "Fly Reggie Fly"


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