How much does your senior Lab sleep?
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Thread: How much does your senior Lab sleep?

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    DefaultHow much does your senior Lab sleep?

    Bessie turned 13 in July, and she just loves to sleep. I think this is OK since we go for a few walks each day, and she's healthy and happy with a solid appetite. Her stubborn personality is intact, even though I've really noticed that her hearing is going. That's a bit white-faced lady can't hear the snack cabinet open!

    Sometimes when I take the younger dogs for a hike, Bessie will follow us to the end of the property, and then find a spot in the shade and simply wait for us to return. That's OK, too, but I hate to see the old gal aging! I still remember all the havoc she caused in her younger years.

    So - do your seniors seem to snooze a lot?

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    DefaultRe: How much does your senior Lab sleep?

    yes they do and they are not as old as your Bessie, they are 10 but have begun to slow down quite a lot now. They have access to the garden and they will potter out when they feel like it, and they have a good walk each evening which leaves them exhausted but when they are not drinking, eating, walking or laying in the sunshine then they are sleeping-


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    DefaultRe: How much does your senior Lab sleep?

    Abbey has always been a bit of a snoozer, so I don't think that she is sleeping any more than she has previously. She is a lot slower though and while the other two run around our 2 acre property, Abbey takes her time to wander around at her own pace. She is blind, so watching her wandering around the property doing her own thing is lovely.

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    DefaultRe: How much does your senior Lab sleep?

    I probably shouldn't compare Buddy to dogs without issues but to answer your question:
    He gets up between 6 & 7am and looks for breakfast. Goes out in the yard to relieve himself and comes right back in. Disappears to anyone of many sleeping places throughout the house and unless someone comes over to our house or he hears ME with any kind of food, I will not see him until it's time for his dinner.
    He will come to look for me if I am so much as 5 minutes late. He will eat, again go out for a minute, return and 2 hours later will expect me to walk him in the neighborhood for a bit. He's a little more active until bedtime cause there is usually more going on in the house. Otherwise, one more visit to the yard (sometimes he opts to forego that) and he's off to sleep for the night.
    He was 9 in April but has leg and back issues.


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