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    anybody gone thru this with their dog?? Coal has an apt at the eye doc on Friday. We went to the heart and eye clinic that the local retriever club did and the eye doc there said the lashes need to be plucked or frozen.. and my regular vet said he needs to go to an eye doc for that.. and the closest one is 2 hrs away...

    He has Distichiasis on his right eye (with a couple of lashes pointing the wrong way) and on his left eye he has 3 or 4 regular lashes pointing down the wrong way.. eye doc yesterday thought he may have suffered an eye injury that did that...

    was just curious... any experiences.. good bad?? Coal has a lot of eye draininge and the eye doc yesterday said this could be causing it... and my regular vet thought it was his tear ducts blocking again.... but i saw the eyelashes yesterday... so guess we will see what the doc says on friday.. ???

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    DefaultRe: Distichiasis

    My understanding of this is that it's just a misplaced eyelash (or several). He's probably had them awhile. I'd just have them removed if they are irritating him.

    You may be able to find something on the CERF website at http://www.vmdb.org/cerf.html but they are considered to be a breeder "category" so iow, either aren't genetically based or if they are, arent linked to anything of consequence. -Anne

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