Stool incontinence
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    DefaultStool incontinence

    Hi- My old boy Boomer is 13. He is happier than ever but getting very stiff in the hips. It seems that he can't always feel when he needs to go outside and has started pooping almost at random. And in his sleep. And while walking...

    The vet says she can't really do anything about it. He has a cyst near his rectum but she doesn't think that would do it and even if it did would not want to chance putting him under to remove it.

    Any one else dealt with this before? Any hints?

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    DefaultRe: Stool incontinence

    Nothing to offer helpwise....just good thoughts for the old guy

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    DefaultRe: Stool incontinence

    i had a senior that had trouble with his poops.
    i knew his schedule pretty well, so whenever that time arrived, and if he didn't squat on his own, i'd wrap my finger in the poop bag, and gently "finger" his anus and sure enough, the poop would surface and he'd start squatting and straining on his own until it all came out. i know it's gross, but it seemed to help him get started, and i didn't have to worry about accidents inside the house. i had asked my vet about it, and she told me it was fine to help him like i was doing.

    i used to be able to simply take him for a long walk and that would get his bowel working, but towards the end, he didn't have the strength for long walks. it really didn't bother me to have to do "help" him with my finger. it took only a few seconds, and he didn't seemed to mind either.

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