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    well took Coal in on Friday for his follow up apt

    His staph infection isn't gone after being on antibiotics for over 2 weeks.. so now they have him on clavamox. which for his size is about 58.00 a week and he's got to be on it for at least 4 weeks We maybe going the other route and put him on the cheaper antibiotic and just keep him on it for 6-8 weeks this time. Its under his chin and she's thinking it could be allergy related. I am wondering if he's not allergic to the carpet in the living room. With his back problems he's been laying around more and that could be part of the problem. I put down some blankets so he could lay on those instead and he's liking that..Plus i am having to wash his chin with medicated shampoo again twice a week so hopefully between the meds and this it will clear up this time.. poor boy he keeps scratching that chin

    She also put him on derramaxx for his back pain. Not sure if this is going to be rest of his life med or just short term. he's on a really high dose this week and then next week we cut it in half. It really seems to be helping already. he was able to get up on the bed yesterday to take a nap with no help.

    I found another lump on his foot the week before and the vet looked at it. Last one he had was a benign tumor hoping this one is too...

    She was also looking at his eyes and thinks he maybe developing cataracts.. but we will look at that the next visit. his tear ducts still are clogging up. so if they take the tumor off his foot they will be flushing them again...

    I don't know what happened in the last 6 months but for a relatively healthy dog he's really had a lot of problems here lately.. ugh.

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    DefaultRe: Update on Coal..

    Sending good thoughts for Coal


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