HI! New Here with questions.
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Thread: HI! New Here with questions.

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    Hi Everyone.
    I am new here. I have a 12 year old Lab who has been in excellent health all his life. Lately, he became arthritic and would not want to get up. The doc put him on Rymadil and he was doing well since that. I have a year old lab who literally runs all over him. Lately, he has been leaking greenish semen..the vet said some was normal, but today it was just leaking out all over. He is also not feeling well again and sleeps a lot. He is eating and going out to pee. Any suggestions??

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    the discharge is called smegma and is common or normal. But if its more than usual, in my experience, is a sign of bacterial infection. He should be check out and if need be, put on antiobiotics. Good luck

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    There are natural supplements and pain relievers you can use rather than the Rimadyl which can cause problems.

    DLPA, Dog Gone Pain, Hi doses of Vit. C makes the adrenal gland produce more natural anti-inflamatories.

    go to www.dogaware.com and look at the arthritis section.

    I went thru this with my old girl and the above site was very helpful.

    Also, feeding a high protein (around 26% or so) is better to help seniors maintain muscle mass as they become less active and the arthitis sets in.

    Mild exercise is also good for the arthritis in helping maintain muscle mass.

    Its tough having a senior with arth. along with a young Lab (been there). Try teaching your young one "leave it" for when he is bothering your senior.


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