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    I am new to the forum, it has been 30+ years since I owned a Lab and I have just inherited a 7 year old yellow lab after my Sister died.
    We moved the dog (by air) from Chicago to Atlanta and although she is eating ok (after all she is a labrador), she won't leave the driveway, even if she is on a leash.
    She will happily come round from the back, but when she sees the road - cul de sac, she stops, sits down and won't move any further. In desperation, I tried rolling dog treats down the road, so that she would follow them. It worked, but I thought that the point of exercise for dogs was to keep weight off, not add it back on.
    It has only been a couple of days since she flew down, so she is still probably a little disorientated, but I am baffled as to why she doesn't want to walk in the neighbourhood.
    Does anyone have any ideas how I can get her to walk with me further than the end of the driveway?

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    You might want to cross post this in the regular Lab Chat section. You'll probably get a bunch of replies.
    I for one, have no idea.

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