feeding a senior lab
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Thread: feeding a senior lab

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    Defaultfeeding a senior lab

    Are there any things one should do to add to their food when your lab is 12 +?? Supplements? homemade stews??

    My lab eats so fast she just inhales it.
    My breeder recommends still to just feed a maintenance diet.

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    Felix Guest

    DefaultRe: feeding a senior lab

    Our last senior, Yoskha .. we've feed her "Royal Canin" for the senior dog, and that was exactly the perfect choise for her

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    DefaultRe: feeding a senior lab

    My 12+ year old girl takes Synovia G3 daily. It's a vitamin supplement, plus glucosamine. I typically try to go with vitamin therapy rather than synthetic meds - if appropriate.

    We had a blood panel done on her as part of a checkup, and she had a few age-related issues surface. My vet suggested I pop the following vitamins into her food bowl with her dinner:

    Synovia G3
    Vitamin E, C
    Sam-E (for liver enzymes)
    Salmon oil

    Sound like a lot, but she's doing well!

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    DefaultRe: feeding a senior lab

    if your dog is healthy and comfortable, don't change a thing. but if you feel she could use some extra vitamins, then you could add supplements to her diet. most ppl find that their seniors have arthritis or joint pain. if thats the case, you might want to give her something with glucosamine and chondroiton in it. there are some dog foods that have those supplements in it already like Canidae. is your senior experiencing any problems?

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    DefaultRe: feeding a senior lab

    I started my 7 year old gal on ProPlan senior. She also is taking Dogzyme Probiotic Digestive Enzymes and Gluc/Cond.

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    DefaultRe: feeding a senior lab

    our senior seemed to have lost his appetite after serving our female lab. he jsut smells his food and would take about two mouthfuls (not even a mouthful sometimes). he seemed to have lost energy insdie the house but whenever we go out for our walks he seem to be ok but not as energetic as before. what could be the case here? we separated her from our female as we dont want her stressed during her hopefully impending pregnancy, but we are also worried about our bear. help.


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