My lab change my life because....
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Thread: My lab change my life because....

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    DefaultMy lab change my life because....

    Hi Everyone!

    There are a lot of threads out there that are funny and wonderful. I thought it would be nice to have a thread that was a little more serious. We have all been so profoundly affected by the Labs in our lives, why not share the details. It will be nice for all of us and for the newbies that just got their pups.

    We bought our house in Feb, 1996. Up until then we lived in Brooklyn. I smoked 1.5 packs a day and the only excerise either of us got was walking from subway to work and back.

    In August 1996, we brought home the joy of our lives. Samson the wonder dog. We knew labs needed a lot of exercise so we scouted out the parks in the area and found the perfect one, lake and all. When we first started walking him, a half mile was like a an eternity. Soon we were walking 3-5 miles a day, twice a day. I quit smoking and starting jogging. Now I jog 3-5 miles a day and then take my babies for a 3-5 walk. I couldn't do that when I was 16. Now I'm 41 and in the best shape of my life all because of Samson.

    We were having work done on our house this last week so we decided to stay in a hotel near where my husband works. While I was there, I discovered a beautiful nature preserve. No dogs are allowed there, however, as I walked the trails, I couldn't stop crying. It was 4 months to the day that we lost Samson and I couldn't help but think of how much he would love this new place. It was beautiful. I cried even more when I realized that if Samson had never been in my life, I would never have appreciated the preserve as much as I do now.

    Samson opened up a whole world to me that I had never appreciated before and he opened my heart. He saved my life and my soul. He made me see the world through different eyes, ones that are wide open and curious. I miss him more than I can possibly say, but because of all that he taught me, I know he will be with me until my last day.

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    DefaultRe: My lab change my life because....

    :'( That's beautiful Donna. Our dogs really change our lives, don't they? Wow your life has really changed!

    Emma change my life too. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be out for those really wonderful loooong walks either, because it's no fun walking by your own. I wouldn't have seen the most wonderful places and trails, which now are our favorite places to walk in!

    I wouldn't be so patient and understanding if it wasn't for my girl. She has teched me so many tings, more than I can tell. She teched me what love is.

    Thanks to my girl I laugh every day and often have a big smile on my lips!

    And she teach me someting new every day!
    Thank you Emma for changing my life!

    ~Veronica and Nikki~
    Sweet Emma, 16th of February 1996~26th of November 2010
    Always in my heart and soul. Together forever, my love....

    Nikki 6 months

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    DefaultRe: My lab change my life because....

    Hi Samsmom, I think your post is wonderful and so true. I am a student and work full-time, so I constantly feel sleep deprived, and I have always carried those 20 extra pounds. Since I got my Chocolata this summer, I have been walking and exercising so much, and also want to start jogging. I have lost at least half of what was bothering me, feel so much healthier, get to see our beautiful neighborhood and don't feel scared to go outside at night (because my strong protector is with me :
    I feel sorry for people, who have no pets in their life...........

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    DefaultRe: My lab change my life because....

    What amazing stories that you all have.

    My very first lab was bought for me, by my boyfriend for Christmas two years ago. At that time we lived in a small apartment and his home was our dining room. We had a crate for him there and also his play pen set up there. We lived across the street from a park in the city and that is where we went all the time. Since then we have purchased a home, 45 minutes from the city, in the boonies. Little did my boyfriend know that when he purchased me a puppy that he started a trend. At our new house, we have since brought in more labbies into our home and have started a kennel.

    Labs have changed my life so much! I love each and every one of them and they take up the majority of my time.


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