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    Defaultll yr old - need advice

    My 11 yr old lab has started a strange behaviour and I want to know what I should do if anything.

    First, I will tell you about her. She is 11 and we also have a 4 yr old choco lab ( the one with all the MC tumours that I have posted about on this site). My older lab is afraid of thunder storms and the gate closing next door at the neighbors. She will get very anxious and want to go to the basement during storms with no other solution at all but that. When she gets down there, she calms right down. When the gate closes shut on its own, she gets upset and wants inside the house.

    This past week during the night, there has not been any thunder or firworks at all. She has been waking me up in the night wanting me to get up with the same look as above looking anxious or unsettled and or going into the corner to knock over the garbage so that I will get up with her. I have told her to go back to bed and after about 10 times she does but only will settle if I close the bedroom door.

    What is up?? She seems to be getting I guess anxious. I had started her on glucosamine about l month ago and wonder if it is that that is upsetting her somehow or what??

    Any ideas? Thanks

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    DefaultRe: ll yr old - need advice

    this may be of no help
    but my old brown man, Ellis (he's 15), has been terrified of thunder, fireworks, etc since day one. He just pants and pants and pants - and sometimes shakes - it's the saddest thing I've ever seen. Since he's been older he has just started panting more and more for no apparent reason - it's not hot, no loud noises, etc - he just pants.
    I asked the vet - they thought it may be some sign that he's just getting older, maybe 'losing it' a bit mentally - though I don't think that's the case, perhaps just uncomfortable or unsetttled some way.

    One bonus about Ellis getting older is that he doesn't hear the thunder and fireworks as much - so that's nice.

    Good luck with your 11 year old...


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    DefaultRe: ll yr old - need advice

    My dog pants but I think thats just because he's fat and hot. He's terrified of thunder and last year there was a huge strike that blew the phone lines and started a fire, no one was hurt but Graham was terrified and raced to me. poor thing... he went and hid under the table after that.


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