So.. since 7 is technically senior..
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Thread: So.. since 7 is technically senior..

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    DefaultSo.. since 7 is technically senior..

    I'm wondering if there's something i should be starting with tuck now that he's 7.

    I have koda on liquid Gluc/Cond HCL for her arthritis and knee problems.. tuck has had no issues with his joints, but i'm wondering if i should start him on that as a preventative?

    Anyone have any tips as we enter the later stages of life?

    kelli, tucker and koda

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    Emma didn't have joint problems either. I started her on glucosamin 2½ years or so ago, after I joined JL, as a preventative. I don't know, but I like to think that's a good idea. She still doesn't show any problems with her joints. And vets thinks she is surprisingly flexible for her age... But maybe she would be even without glucoseamine? Well it's hard to know. It doesn't make any damage .
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    I had Samson on Glucosamine Kelli ! I'm taking it myself too and I will start Jasper in it later this year.

    It's really cheap if you buy it in bulk.

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    Kel, I would go ahead and start him on it. We give Otis 1500 mg/day. He's been on it for several years (he's probably 12 now) and while he has a lot of mobility problems, last year at his checkup, the vet said he'd be worse off if we hadn't been giving him the Gluc.

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