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    DefaultThank everyone so much....

    I just wanted to thank all of you so much for your words of support and love during this really difficult time. My Concho man was truly a special guy. He was working as a sniffer dog at the school where I used to teach, and that's where I met him. His handler told me he was facing mandatory retirement at age 11, and that the company was giving him away for free. When I went to meet him (Concho), he immediately rolled onto his back for a belly scratch, and I knew I had to have him. I had interviews with the company, then went and picked him up from his handler once I was approved. I bought him a new purple collar and leash, and he met Casey in the parking lot of the place where we'd agreed to meet for the exchange...and it was love at first sight for all concerned.

    He made himself comfortable as soon as I got him home, and he was just a splendid companion and friend. He and Casey traveled all over the place with me, even up to Canada a few summers. I had a scare with him a couple of years ago - he ate a whole loaf of French bread and his stomach flipped over, so he had to be rushed to surgery. The vet was afraid he wouldn't make it through, but he bounced back so quickly that you'd never have known how sick he'd been.

    Casey and I are doing okay. I have my crying jags every hour or so, but I know that's natural and the grieving process is part of healing from a loss like this. Reading your comments has helped more than you all can possibly know.

    Concho's favorite place in the world was a provincial park in St. Catharines, Ontario, called Shorthills. He loved running around in there and splashing in the water, so that's how I think of him now - free from pain, no arthritis, clear eyes, ears flopping, tongue hanging out, big ol' paws splashing through the water as he runs in his favorite place and he never has to leave.

    Thank you again for everything...


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    DefaultRe: Thank everyone so much....

    You'll never forget, but it will get better with each passing day.

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