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    DefaultBad hips...

    I need some help here. A friend of ours have a German shepherd mix who is 12 years, It´s a very energetic, healthy dog if it wasn´t for her hips...She wants to run, but her hips say stop! She doesn´t have so much muscles in her hips, they are weak, but she can run and walk, but not as fast and long... I just want to help her...She is so sweet and my dog´s best pal... :'( Glucosamine? or anything else, something witch can strengthen her hips a little bit...I would love to see her running together with my dog again...
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    DefaultRe: Bad hips...

    I have had Ellis on Metacam for over 2 years - it really helps him. You need a perscription from a vet
    good luck

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    DefaultRe: Bad hips...

    Metacam works for Daisy, too, as has the low level laser therapy.

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    DefaultRe: Bad hips...

    My oldest dog Blue is very much the same. He is nearly 16 and loves to chase sticks and balls but is having a lot of problems with his back legs. They often give out on him and I know that he has quite a bit of pain in all his legs. Currently I have Blue on monthly cartrophen injections, daily Rimadyl, senior food with added Glucosamine and Condroitin (sp?). He has his good days and quite a lot of bad days, it's just a shame when he is so healthy is every other way. I am thinking about trying accupuncture as well. I think that it is a good thing to keep them active just be aware of their limitations.

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