Arthritis/Aging Pains...what to do?
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Thread: Arthritis/Aging Pains...what to do?

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    DefaultArthritis/Aging Pains...what to do?

    My dad has asked me to find out what we should be doing for Dryf. His arthiritis has picked up quite abit over the past few months and he's pretty stiff all the time. He's still happy and moving around but...stiff.

    The vet gave my dad Metacam. It works wonders and my dad only uses it after big days or when Dryf is in pain (having trouble moving around). It's liquid format so abit harder to administer. but now he's out of this.

    I am going to get him to start glucosimine, just need to find the post (I have it saved in my favorites) for dosage and stuff. I'll get him to use human grade as it's less expensive!

    But what else should we be giving him? I'm thinking something we can use day-to-day to keep him moving more smoothly. Asprin is NOT an option as regular use is bad for their stomachs. But what about advil? or another one of those

    and would I use this other daily thing AS WELL AS the glucosimine?
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    DefaultRe: Arthritis/Aging Pains...what to do?

    Don't try to over-medicate. Use lots of massage and warm moist heat when you can. Walkies on a regular and gentle basis, more massage, a good supportive and comfortable bed are important.

    When you are lounging around with your beloved, just massage, massage, massage those joints. From tips of the toes to the mass of his/her flank.

    Then listen to the ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs...

    Seamus and Flynn

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    Caseys Mom Guest

    DefaultRe: Arthritis/Aging Pains...what to do?

    DISCLAIMER:* Before starting any supplement be sure and check with your vet.

    Yes, you can give glucosamine/chondroitin with other medications.* Hershey takes it along with his metacam everyday. But I agree with Paddysmon about not over-medicating. Start with just the G/C and see if that alone is sufficient for Dryf. It may take 6-8 weeks before you notice a significant improvement.
    Here are some other non-prescription suggestions from Drs. FosterSmith for arthritic dogs that you can try:
    They also have quite a few other articles on treating arthritis that you might want to read:

    Some dogs do quite well on aspirin so don't be too quick to rule it out especially for occasional use. One of my previous labs was on it twice daily for her last 5 years without any gastric problems and Hershey took it* for about 2 years before we had to switch him to something stronger. If you do use it, be sure and get buffered aspirin and give it with a meal.

    Do Not give ibuprofin/advil! It is toxic to dogs.

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    lab13 Guest

    DefaultRe: Arthritis/Aging Pains...what to do?

    Many years ago, our first lab took one regular aspirin per day with his food for arthiriis. Can you still use regular aspirin too?

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    DefaultRe: Arthritis/Aging Pains...what to do?

    Swimming is very good for arthritis pain -- it gets the joint juices flowing w/o a lot of pressure. Also, you might want to look into Adequan injections. My dog is not a senior but has elbow dysplasia. G/C, Adequan, massage, and swimming/underwater treadmill have helped him a lot.


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