Humane society called, said Laker, 10-12 yr lab has h.w...freak out..said protocol was fast kill..did research omg, tx could kill him, besides painful...I asked please let's do slow kill. Have had him 2 weeks. He has had no health care and was a stray they say. Has horrible dental, wasn't neutered until a month ago, arthritis in back legs. Giving him rimadal and advanced hip and joint supplement, with glusamine, bowellia, and glusamine. Over last 2 weeks, is now comfortable with me, that he's home and knows I love him. He is such a sweetheart. I need others help, as I feel alone. Any experience you can share is grateful.
ps...doxycycline 2 1/2 tablets once Day is what there giving me for h.w. He also 2 days ago now has hot spot on his backside. I shaved area, black and green tea applied. Warm compress, triple antibiotic cream and rac, spray..