Paddy: Like a Kentrucky Trotter
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Thread: Paddy: Like a Kentrucky Trotter

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    DefaultPaddy: Like a Kentrucky Trotter

    I like to open the big door for Paddy to let him in from the back yard. The doggie door is low and, while he manages it well enough, I know it's more comfortable for him to enter through the big door.

    He was at the back of the yard this morning and I called to him. "Come, Paddy." Oh! He ran so fluidly! I haven't seen him move like that in a long time! It was so pretty to see that even gait, the pick up of his feet. Such an even and confident movement out. No doubt the atypical warm temperatures are helping with that.

    When Paddy moves in this fashion, I've always thought of him as Nijinski. Pure ballet mastery.

    Seamus and Flynn

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    DefaultRe: Paddy: Like a Kentrucky Trotter

    I know what you mean. Watching how easily Charlie moves reminds me of how Daisy was when she was younger. She loed to chase her ball - would runn all day if we let her. Now I'm hoping the Deramaxx will make it possible to see her run a bit like her old days.

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    DefaultRe: Paddy: Like a Kentrucky Trotter

    Sometimes I try to remember what it was like when Mocha was young, but it's just so darn long ago! Once in a great while, when she's feeling especially good (for her age), she'll get excited and do a little bucking, prancing, excited run (for about 10 seconds), and it melts my heart! I KNOW she used to jump off the diving board of our pool and spend literal hours batting a big red ball around with her nose as she swam around and around the edges. And I KNOW she hiked with us with joyous abandon and played hard-core biteyface with her buddy from next-door, ...... but when I look at her now, I just can't really picture it. If you know what I mean. ..... Sigh .... I'm nostalgic ....


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