Senior or puppy?
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Thread: Senior or puppy?

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    DefaultSenior or puppy?

    Paddy's just beginning his senior years. Most of the time, because of his arthritis, he likes to lay about and stroll around the back yard investigating who knows what.

    But I know darned well that if I said s-w-i-m-m-i-e-s he'd be doing triple spins and hops and little puppylike yips then take the puppy stance and put on that look.

    You guys know the senior puppy look, don't you.

    Seamus and Flynn

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    *points to her right palm*

    DefaultRe: Senior or puppy?

    yep i know that look. i still see it sometimes with my oldsters. i tell them that their minds are young but their bodies are not. lol


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    DefaultRe: Senior or puppy?

    So true - seems like I'm surrounded by senior puppies.... including my husband!

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    2LabsInNEPA Guest

    DefaultRe: Senior or puppy?

    Yup. Daisy loves her evening treat and, no matter how much her knee hurts, she'll jump with excitement when 7PM rolls around and I head down the hall to the laundry room to get the treats out.

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    DefaultRe: Senior or puppy?

    Oh yes, ma'am. They sure do know how to rally when there's something especially fabulous about to take place. Like a treat, or a car ride, or a trip to the pond!


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