Im scared to lose my sister...
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Thread: Im scared to lose my sister...

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    DefaultIm scared to lose my sister...

    I have a yellow lab named Abby, I got her as a puppy. It was the summer going into first grade and she was such a big baby about everything. She has become a great friend and sibling, we share middle names. Now Abby is 11 and sometimes she ignores me and it worries me greatly because I instantly think she's going deaf. Abby has never really been a healthy girl, she constantly has hives and itched so hard it exposes skin. We tried so many things to get her to stop itching but it never worked. We almost lost her to two things, I think one of them was tonsilnitus but I was little and don't exactly know. But it had to do with tonsils. Now to get to the point... I'm worried of losing her, my mom loves her like her other daughter. Her and I are sisters and I don't know what I'd do without her and now that she's getting up there I don't know what to do and ive been known to worry. Any advice?

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    Enjoy every day you have with her.

    "Dogs' lives are too short - their only fault, really."

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