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    Defaultbehavior change

    my 11 year old lab seems to be scared and has gotten stubborn when he doesn't want to do something. he's always been well behaved and gentle. He has snapped at my husband a couple of times when he was scared and today snapped at me when I bent to pet him. I called his name first and he looked up and I bent to pet him and he came up at me snapping.

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    He needs a vet visit ASAP to see if something is going on. It sounds like he is possibly in pain.
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    Or experiencing dementia.
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    See the vet and get a check-up with complete blood analysis done. When my Mitzi was experiencing behavior changes, the vet at first thought dementia, but it turned out to be Cushings. She had such an increased appetite that when someone would reach toward her to pet her, she imagined that she was offered food and opened her mouth to accept, but it looked like she would snap.

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