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    DefaultMitzi update

    Mitzi's behavior has changed so much in the past month, it is as if I have another dog. I hope and pray that it is all due to her diagnosis of Cushings and will be corrected with medication so I can get my Mitzi back. She has all the Cushings symptoms: excessive hunger, thirst, panting,pacing, weakness in back legs.....There are only two places in the house where she rests/sleeps- the tile floor in the bathroom and her bolster bed in the den. She has been on Veterol for a week now, but no real change so far. It is hardest to see her withdrawn and uninterested in everything. She doesn't bark or wag her tail. Before, all four dogs were always at my side wherever I went; now only three. She just now walked in here where I am by the computer with three dogs lying around me. She "nosed" Judy and Duke but walked away, didn't join us. Yesterday, I thought I saw a tail wag once when I spoke to her. Looking for any little thing that indicates the begining of a turn-around. But they say it can take some time for the Veterol to make a difference.

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    That is scary, I sure hope she begins to improve with the medication soon. Sending prayers for Mitzi and you.
    Maxx & Emma Jean
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    Poor girl, I hope this medication brings her around. Good thoughts for Mitzi, hugs for you.

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    Hi mitzi and judys i have not posted in along time and now read your post and feel so bad for you ..i am from Ohio near Warren and we have posted to each other a long whie Mercedes will be 8 and not doing well either ..two nights ago she woke me up at 3am and had a real bad seizure,,had one when she was a yr old and never until now iam beside myself she is not the same lab... had her for a check up and rabies shot in July they found nothing wrong,,but she is restless seems depressed and i feel there is something not the seizure really has me worried...she has a lot of the symptoms you just mentioned also she still is a very hyper Lab,,,i hope Mitzis meds kick in soon as for me i might be looking for a new vet... best of luck janet

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    I am keeping you and Mitzi in my thoughts and I am also keeping Jade63 and Mercedes in my thoughts. I also live in Ohio about 2 hours west of Warren ( that is actually where we got our black lab Cinder about 10 years ago). I am in the same boat as both of you. I have a 13 year old lab and she has muscle atrophy in her back lets and can't walk but 5 feet without sitting down and resting. She is lumpy and bumpy as only labs are prone too. I am lucky I have had so long to spend with her. She was the first dog I ever owned by myself and keep looking for any sign that she is ready to join her younger sister across the Rainbow Bridge. But right now, I use every day to make more memories and she still has her classic lab smile and is eating well and potting outside. Wishing you both the best of luck and additional time to make those memories

    Sam 9-27-07

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    Hope the meds work soon.
    Good thoughts for all you dogs not feeling good.

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