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    DefaultMitzi - behavior changes

    I hate to see her getting old. It's like losing her a little bit at a time. Lately she has gone in the house a few times (never has before since she was a puppy), but what really bothers me is that she seems to have anxiety, paces back and forth into all the rooms of the house panting then comes to me and gives me the look like she wants something. She had just come in from outside, recently had a meal and has water so I can't imagine what she wants. Eventually gets tired and falls asleep. I was afraid she was trying to tell me she was in pain or discomfort so took her to the vet. He said that's what they do when senile. She still walks fine, gets up from lying down easily and does stairs (on prevacox for arthtitis). Loves to go on walks. Her appetite is more than usual. Now she always comes into the kitchen at meal time. Previously, I always had to take her meal to whatever room she was in.
    Any ideas of how I can comfort her when she has these anxiety episodes? I suppose she is fearful that she can't remember where she is??? I talk to her and pet her, would take her for a walk whenever she gets like that, but it's too hot except for early morning hours.
    Judy knows she is not right and looks after her.

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    Could she be struggling in the heat and cool pads help. Would a herbal relaxer help? When they are younger and fearful patting them encourages the fear. Is this the same now. Telling her it is ok to be afraid or does it make her feel better?Just chucking some ideas around sorry.

    I am sorry you are dealing with this. It is so hard to see them get older.

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    I am right there with you with my 12.5 year old. As long as she is still eating, drinking, and going outside to go potty, I know she is still doing well. She is on Rimadyl every other day but has achey joints and i blame the AC and the heat outside because it does the same to me and my joints. I have seen the looks your dog is giving you with the looks Abbey gives me. I make sure to love her up and make every day count so there are no regrets when I finally have to say goodbye.

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    This breaks my heart to read. Have you seen any of the Dr. FosterSmith magazines. I don't usually buy stuff from there, but I got this jar of treats called Ultra Calm. I wanted to try it for Libby for thunderstorms. It's all herbal. I'll find the link for you. I think it actually works some. She still won't come out of the bathroom if it's storming, but she just sleeps and doesn't lay in there shaking and drooling. And when it's over, she'll go right outside with me. Never before. We always had to wait a couple hours and coax her out. Here's the link if you want to try it.

    Dog Treats: Drs. Foster & Smith Ultra-Calm® Bites for Dogs

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