Vestibular disorder?
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    DefaultVestibular disorder?

    My 13 YO female was having significant problems walking last night. She came inside, after I carried her up the back steps, and threw up. She wouldn't take any treats or water. This was around 9:30, and I called her reg vet, who suspected vertigo, but said I should take her to the e-vet. E vet said the same. Vertigo, and that "old dog vertigo" is fairly common. They kept her overnight to run bloodwork and observe her, and have the neurologist examined her this morning. Neurologist thinks that it's also benign "old dog vertigo," but is concerned that the slight laryngeal paralysis she has had for the last year, along with the vertigo, might be symptoms of something else, the most benign being a low thyroid function, the worst being something like a brain tumor. She was going to test the thyroid and said if that comes back ok, she would recommend spinal tap, CT, MRI.

    Honestly, I am not putting my 13 YO dog through that. I just want her to come home and finish out her retirement by lounging around.

    I wanted to pick her up this afternoon, but she is still not eating/drinking and they have her on subcutaneous fluids, and I obviously don't want to bring her home and have her dehydrate.

    Has anyone else had any experience with this in an older dog? I have been crying on and off all day, because, even if this is "just" old dog vertigo, I feel like it's the beginning of the end. My 9 YO daughter is positively distraught as well. We love our puppy so much, and she is such an important family member.

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    Just wanted to share my experience. My 13 year old had a bout of this for 5 days, really bad.
    We realized - it could have been a side-effect of the Metacam (meloxicam) that we were giving her for arthritic pain.
    It is a known side effect.

    We have since stopped giving her meloxicam and she has not had a bout of vertigo in 1 year now. She turned 14 in June.

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    Most likely the LP is affecting the nerves in the rear end (mine had this problem).

    What did the blood work say?

    If this were my dog, I would work through the symptoms with pain meds, feeding the dog whatever it will eat (anything even if it's just McDonalds) and enjoy the time you have.

    At 13, you are nearing the end.

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