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    QuestionElderly Lab

    Hello, I'm new to the site and thought about adding this question:
    I'm living back with my parents through college. They have a lovely 12-13 year old (as of December) black lab and she's still pretty active. She doesn't mope or limp around like many older dogs but no one usually home for most of the day, which has always been and she seems to enjoy her alone time to watch everything from the porch or yard.
    Lately I've been feeling bad since she is getting older and isn't as energetic as she used to be (and won't eat unless you stand there and watch her. She pouts.)
    My parents actually talked about getting a companion for Harley for a while but now they're not mentioning it. I love my dog but I don't have time to spend with her and I feel guilty. I'm scared that she gets so lonely. She used to have a best friend down the street and would disappear sometimes to see him but since my parents moved, she hasn't established another friendship. The dogs in our new neighborhood are absolutely nuts.
    I've tried bringing up the subject with them but they don't really seem to want to talk about it.
    I know I can't afford a dog of my own at the moment, hence me moving home.

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    My Aunt and Uncle have an elderly Newf who quit eating when his companion dog passed. Their vet recommended they get a cat. The vet actually had a cat at the clinic that was available for adoption. Cat and dog get along and now the dog eats.

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    To be totaly honest, I don't think getting another is a good idea, but not because of your dog's age. You stated your current Lab is alone most of the day and not having time to spend with her. If there isn't time for one dog, there definitely isn't time for two. I think your parents probably realized it isn't a good idea, and that's why they haven't mentioned it lately.

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    I agree with both replies.
    I know it is hard when we are busy, but I have an older boy and know he doesn't have that many more years so I am making the most of every moment we have. I don't want to have regrets so spend the time even if it means I am giving up something I like to do.

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