Just don't know what to do.
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Thread: Just don't know what to do.

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    DefaultJust don't know what to do.

    Our 15 yr old Labbie pees and poops in the house daily. NOTHING gets rid of the smell. We are up 2-3 times a night letting her in and out and she STILL goes in the house. We have 3 Labbies (ages 16 and 5) we rescued this one (Sunnie) 8 years ago, when she was 7. She has always been a very high maintenance dog. We are struggling with the decision whether to put her down or not. Our vet says the house accidents are only going to get worse. She has arthritis and recently had a bad reaction to the meds, so we had to stop giving them to her. She HAS to be in pain, yet she is constantly getting up and down...I cannot walk in or out of A room without her getting up when I leave. Even if I just move to another part of the room, she gets up to follow me. What is this all about?
    She seems like she has dementia, but I don't know for sure. We have a 13 yr old daughter with a chronic illness, and has had frequent hospitalizations this year and will be needing surgery next month. Having someone come and care for our dogs is so difficult.
    I guess I am just venting....I know we will know when it is time....it is just so hard to deal with

    Lena - Black Dog BOSS DOG - 16 yrs
    Sunnie - Yellow DOG high maintenance - turns 15 on 10/04/11
    Shelby - Yellow dog cute as a button - 5 ish

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    Poor old girl
    I cannot walk in or out of A room without her getting up when I leave. Even if I just move to another part of the room, she gets up to follow me. What is this all about?
    Labs like to be with people, ours does that too.

    You do sound like you have a lot on your plate.

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    What is her quality of life like? If it's still good, I'd let her go. Can you confine her to a certain room so clean up would be easier?

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    Our 15 1/2 yr old toy poodle does the same thing. Thankfully hers are smaller eliminations than a lab, but it still smells. I have used all the sprays and they help some. She will even pee in her sleep, so we no longer let her on the bed, where she slept for the last 15 yrs! She is blind in one eye, but other than that seems healthy. She still plays with Sophie and has a great appetite. We haven't thought of putting her down because she is doing so well, except for going potty in the house. She doesn't seem to be able to control it like she used to. It is so difficult not to get frustated and mad at her. I haven't shampooed the carpet because she'd just do it again. I have no answers either, wish I did. Can't crate her, she'd have to be crated 24/7 because she poops or pees without warning and we'd never be able to let her out. Frustrating, huh?

    Sophie DOB 04/13/2011 6 mo

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    It's such a difficult decision to make. The fact that you are seeking advice makes me feel that you know, but can't quite do it. My beloved mix, Cammie, was almost 15. She seemed to have decent days, but I knew she wasn't well. For quite a while, she she followed me everywhere, even to my bedroom, which was not her usual habit. I think it was the need for close contact. Eventually, even following me seemed too much work for her. What really helped me was another forum where people were describing their dog's last days. I read them and realized that the dogs should have been helped long ago, yet these people were upset that they should have waited longer. I knew I couldn't let my *best dog ever* suffer the indignity and pain that awaited her. I wanted to avoid the suffering.

    I had the vet give us some tranquilizing pills for her to take before she went on her last ride. Didn't make her loopy, but I think they kept her calm. And eased my worries, also.

    God bless, my prayers are with you and your family.

    ETA: I'm positive that Cammie was in pain, despite daily medication. Pacing, panting, and following, seem to be indicators of pain for dogs, and she had all these behaviors. She did not have accidents in the house-for which I'm grateful. She would have been mortified to potty inside.
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    So sorry to hear that you have tough decisions to make. When I took Choco down to take his last trip. I was so sad and the vet was so kind. He gave him an injection that would relax him and put him in a happy place before the other injection. Choco was very relaxed and as people came in and out to check him he would open his eyes to see them but was not at all concerned. Then when the other injection came it was all so very peaceful. I was sad to loose him but I know that it was the best possible way to go. He did not suffer. Good Luck with your decision.
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