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    DefaultOver did it :(

    I'm not sure if 6.75 yr. old is considered senior yet but Koko sure acts like a senior. A month ago when we adopted her I noticed right away that she had trouble getting up and down. Took her to vet and without xrays the vet said she had crepitus knees. She did a throughro physical exam and felt that was the only problem. We cut back her walks to only a mile a day, half in am half in pm and we will play a couple games of fetch with her throughout day. I have her on 1500 mg of syn-flex gluc. and fish oil and sea meal. Her weight is 65, I saw on previous vet records from previous owners she use to weigh 85lbs. Well today we took her down to the lake, she play and played and played some more. She basically played fetch in the water for an hour. I was amazed she kept going because she normally will stop when she gets tired. I guess we both were having so much fun I didn't think about her over doing it and took for granted that she would let me know when she had enough. Well now she is hurtin real real bad. She can barely get up and when she walks she doesn't want to put a lot of weight on her right back leg. I had some rimadyl left over from last weeks dental cleaning so I gave her half of one of those hoping it will relieve some of the discomfort. I feel so bad that I didn't stop the play sooner. Seeing her this way has made me realize she won't be around forever and I am so angry at this. I am so freakin attatched to this dog its unreal and I don't know what I was thinking adopting a older dog knowing I wouldn't have a whole lot of time with her. Excuse the rambling I'm just heartbroken that her body is not keeping up with her spirit. Is it normal for her to be hurting after such serious play? I hope she bounces back tomorrow if not its back to the vet we go. Also how long does she have to be on the glucosmine before I see a difference and if it doesn't help what else can she take. I will not use the rimadyl because of liver damage what else can I give her??
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    If you don't get any responses here, post in Lab Chat. I know you are worried!

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    tank is 5 years old and he has a bad hip because a couple of months ago he was struck by a car. He was not supposed to get up and run real hard. His expression said he wants to go and i let him. I heard a pop and said o.k. we are goin to the vet. When we got there they gave him pain meds and something else. Now he has a permenant lean from the imact of the car and we are guessing bad breeding. It is not a bad thing to rescue a senior all my dogs are rescues. I got Bentley the day he was supposed to be put down. My aunt went and got a rescue senior who is 8yrs. So i hope she gets better because 6.5 yrs in my mind is not that old for a lab.
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