Yellow lab health puzzle??
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Thread: Yellow lab health puzzle??

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    DefaultYellow lab health puzzle??

    Our 12 + year old yellow lab had teeth cleaning under anesthesia..seemed ok for several days after ( was on an antibiotic and pain med)..then began to pace and pant and did not want to come inside the house...past days has not eaten but some lays outside on bed...blood work unremarkable except for T4 thyroid..low...otherwise temperature and blood seem normal-x-ray of intestines seemed ok..received enema the other day..still very lethargic
    recommendations? good lab doctor in OC?..I got 2nd opinion - vet was stumped..said monitor her daily-maybe take her to a GI vet.
    any suggestions? seems all of this is sudden after teeth cleaning-any connection? thanks- Jay
    Update: now drinks little if any, mostly lays on bed, hard to walk, seems a bit disoriented, however this could be due to not eating, being in a weak state...thanks for all your concern and suggestions.

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    Call your vet or a vet that knows what is going on. Please.

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    Some dogs have a hard time recovering from anesthesia - but this sounds like much more than that. She is going downhill. I would get her back to a vet for observation and some IV fluids at least. Maybe the cleaning spilled a lot of bacteria into her system? Just guessing.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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