An old girl can teach herself new tricks.
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Thread: An old girl can teach herself new tricks.

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    DefaultAn old girl can teach herself new tricks.

    Emma is our yellow lab, getting on in years. She's 12 now. Pretty old for a gal who was given a life span of 6-8 years because of health issues. She doesn't get up as quickly as she used to, neither do I, and will often start off in a run for a stride or too and slows right down to a meandering stroll. Funny, just like me. The chick knows her limits. We both do.

    Soooo back to the reason I started writing this. A few weeks ago I found a dead wet wee mouse in the house on one of her beds. I didn't give it much thought and assumed that one of the cats caught it and brought it in and Emma picked it up and brought it to bed to lick new life into it. A few days later then was another and then yet another.

    Last week I was reading on the side deck when Emma hopped up and strolled by me, I thought she had an apple in her mouth. For some reason, only known to her, she likes to go into the orchard and bring those to the house. I didn't want it in the house so before opening the door for her I told her to drop it. Getting up to enforce the issue I realized that what was hanging out the corner of her mouth was furry and had tiny little feet.

    Oh Joy. At 12 years of age Emma, has found a new career. Mouser Extraordinaire. This morning I let her and Ollie wonder as I did some pool chores and put out the garbage. Ollie came when he was called in for breakfast but Emma was still out there somewhere. I did at one point think that perhaps she's mousing again. A thought that made me I'm still having a hard time with the concept, especially at her age.

    After 10 minutes or so she did arrive back to the house. Meandering up the sidewalk at first at a trot and then a slow walk once I opened the door and starting talking to her. I did a quick check for a bulging mouth, all was good. No apples, no tiny feet or furry bits. I really should know better. Because she is smarter than the average bear and could probably give a dolphin or two a run for their money.

    I headed for the kitchen, I took the direct route, Emma took the longer one through the living room. I grinned at her and asked her if she thought she was in trouble for being gone so long.
    I got out her food and put it into her dish, all the while 2 pairs of doggy eyes are watching my every move. Ollie had already eaten, but a guy can hope.

    Once the food had hit the dish, I looked at Em and said 'ok'. She made a bee line for the dish and just before her nose hit the food she deposited two field mice on the floor. A girl does have her priorities and the lure of the almighty kibble was much better than the furry mass she had cleverly hidden very well in her mouth. As gross as it sounds and as dead as they were, I'm kinda proud of the old girl.

    The moral of the story is that no matter how old you get, always keep busy, find new hobbies and get plenty of exercise.


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    What a great story -- as much as I would hate to have dead mice on my bed or have to clean them up, it's nice to hear that Emma still enjoys life and is still seeking out new adventures.

    My Gin just turned 13, and she still manages to give Aila (10 months) a run for her money when it comes to getting in line for meals and snacks!

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    What a wonderful story you should have that published. I laughed and pictured Emma with her hidden treasures.
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    That's a great story ! Brings to mind memories of my Oldster - thanks

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