I take all three of my labs for an exercise walk every day, weather permitting. Last year Mitzi looked as if she's showing her age: She would lag behind the other two, and her head would bob like an old horse, but she always wanted to join us in the walk. I was considering walking her separately at a slower pace.
For the last few months, she's like a different dog: She prances ahead of us, head high, tail wagging, I can almost see her smile all the way. I can hardly keep up with her.(she's ten and a half now) Can't tell you how happy I am to see her like this, but was wondering why the change. She has been like this consistently for a few months now; the ups and downs of arthritis would have been apparent in that space of time. No change in diet or weight. Was wondering if something was wrong with her last year that I wasn't aware of and the condition eventually resolved itself?? Anyway, I'm so glad to have my puppy back.