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    Greetings, we are the proud parents of "Boone", a 7 month old black. At about 8 weeks he suffered a greenstick fracture to his right femur. It was repaired surgically on the 4th of July with the vet placing wires around the fracture. There were no complications and he came home. It was anticipated that he would be sore and would possibly be less then willing to put weight on it and that was the case. He has been pretty much non weight bearing since. Trips to the vet and review of the films show nothing wrong, according to the DVM. I am going to get a 2nd opinion and thought I would fly this post. He starts physical therapy next week in hopes of getting back on 4 legs.

    Anybody have any thoughts?


    Steve A

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    Sometimes with Greenstick fractures they tend to put no weight on it for a while because of ho sore they actually are. But eventually with time they do start gimping on it.A second opinion never hurt so I'd so talk to another vet and see what they have to say.


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