Moby has bounced back :)
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Thread: Moby has bounced back :)

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    DefaultMoby has bounced back :)

    So it appears that Moby my 11yo black lab has bounced back. I brought him to the vet last Wed, vet did a little exam and checked out his legs. He yelped a little on the right leg (where he wasn't putting any weight) and afterwards she sent me home with a prescription of Metacam. The blood work came back all great and I gave him the Metacam on Thu.

    By Friday and since then, he seems to be acting like he was a few months ago. Not a puppy, but much more alert, happy, and active. I didn't give him the Metacam on Sat, gave it to him on Sunday and Monday, and then haven't given it to him since then (Tue and Wed). I am not having him run very much (a few minutes in a field for him to roam, but no ball playing right now), but he wants to get more and longer walks in...I definitely can feel that.

    It is feeling more like his troubles were more from acute injury than from his degenerative condition (which he does have somewhat for sure).

    Now I am wondering if the Metacam is a good idea? Good idea on rough days? Or should I try something lighter?

    thanks everyone for your support!

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    At 11 years old, Metacam is a good idea if it helps him function without pain.
    If he feels good on the Metacam, give it to him.

    I have Rimadyl at home for days when my girl needs a little pain relief.
    I usually just cut a 75mg pill in half and give it to her as needed.

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    YAY for Moby !
    Buddy 11

    bella 5

    Bruno 3

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