A week ago thursday, Gabe got super-sick and had to go the Emergency Clinic. He's the same dog that had the scary vaccination reaction a month earlier. At 4:00pm he was totally normal. At 5 he would only eat the canned food off the top of his dinner. At 5:30 he went from a full-body wag to just a tail wag and his temp was normal and at 6:00 he was hiding in his crate. Off to the Emergency Clinic.

At 7:00 he had a temp of 104.5 and by the time they finished the bloodwork his temp was 105.7. His White Count was up and he had slightly elevated liver enzymes. The next couple of hours consisted of trying to find a hospital with an internist that would see him the next day and giving him cold fluids and steroids to bring his temp down. The closest that the vet could find was Angell Memorial in Boston about 3.5 hours away. He spent the night at the E clinic. When we picked him up he seemed fine and his temp was normal.

At Angell, the plan was to observe him and wait for the steroids to leave his system. They thought he'd then spike a temp and they could do a blood culture. It never happened. They had him for 4 days (and adored him....in his medical records it states "the staff LOVES this dog!"). He was tested for lepto and every tick borne disease they could think off including PCR tests. All negative. By Sunday his white count was normal. When he left the hospital on Monday he still had slightly elevated liver enzymes but his checkup yesterday revealed that was back to normal.

They couldn't diagnose the issue. Anyone have anything similar?