Jake seems just fine!
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Thread: Jake seems just fine!

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    DefaultJake seems just fine!

    Well, I strongly believe that I got a wrong first diagnosis. I still trust my vet, he just made a mistake, it happens.
    I don't think Jake has HOD after all.
    There is just no way. I have done quite a bit of research and Jake was and is just fine after a good days sleep and a couple of Rimadyl's.
    He is back to normal! Oh yes, he is!
    I do understand that it can be sometimes misdiagnosed and it actually will be Pano, which I believe he has.
    Jake never had any swelling, he just acted like he hurt his paw/leg.
    I did see the xray.
    If he starts again, and hopefully he will continue to be fine, I will rob the money tree and take him to my other vet for a 2nd opinion.
    My prayers were answered

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    Just be aware that pano can come and go, be on/off for quite a few months until they eventually outgrow it-and yes, they do outgrow it. Also-the lameness/pain can shift from limb to limb. So he may limp on a front leg one week, then limp on a rear leg the next week-shifting lameness is a classic symptom of pano.
    Java was diagnosed with pano at 5 months. A change of food, some Vit. C and a couple of months later she was fine.

    Good luck!

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    Yes, thanks.
    I did do a bit of research and am aware of everything you just said.
    I am just convinced that there is no way it could be the HOD.
    He is doing too well

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