Sofia's Spayed Recovery
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Thread: Sofia's Spayed Recovery

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    DefaultSofia's Spayed Recovery

    I would like to hear any suggestions anyone would have on how to keep my hyperactive lab put until her recover is final I get so worried she's gonna injure herself or her incision within the recovery period of 7-10 days

    -worried momma

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    I was worried about the same thing! Our Sophie is a ball of energy. She wasn't supposed to jump, so the day after surgery, she jumped on and off the bed... She wasn't supposed to run, and we would think she was quietly resting when all of a sudden she'd run like a bullet through the house! I worried all the time! Our vet used real sutures instead of the disolving kind because she knew Sophie wouldn't slow down. She did develop a seroma at the incision site, but the vet said it would reabsorb, and it did. We had to leave the stitches about 3 weeks instead of 10 days, but she came through it all ok. Some people crate their girls after a spay, but we don't use one, so we just tried to deal with it. She didn't lick the stitches, so the lucky girl didn't have to wear the cone of shame! I am glad it's all over!

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    crate her or keep her on a leash (which you hold onto). find things she CAN do to keep her busy (frozen kong, chew toys) and keep her brain busy with obedience.
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