Another lab was spayed! :) Doubts about post op.
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Thread: Another lab was spayed! :) Doubts about post op.

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    DefaultAnother lab was spayed! :) Doubts about post op.

    Hello guys! This is my first post here, on behalf of our wonderful 6 months old yellow lab Nina!

    She is a wonderful energetic puppy, tell us something new, huh? Lol well the dreaded spaying time arrived two weeks ago and it was a bit more of a work than I though it would be!

    All went perfect with her surgery, and the first and second night we had a calm, quite puppy, a bit heavy to carry in and out for potty, on a rainy weather! But We made booties and cutup a t-shirt to protect the stitches from the wet grass and all went well.

    She was under two meds a pain killer and an antibiotic, which may have helped with the pain, but on the thrid day, man she was on fire! As she leaves her crate for potty and food and water we have to make sure it is only me or my husband around cause if she sees both of us her eyes scream " play timeeeeeeeee!" and she scared us a couple of times, but mostly her activities have been reduced to zero,we have been really geeky about checking the incision,giving the meds,no stairs, no furniture,she has the cone on, tho the few times she had it off she didn't bother with the stictches, which by the way, WOW, hurt my heart when I saw the day of the surgery, it looks less scary.

    Well my question is, we were told she would have her stiches off on her second post op check up, but the vet checked it and said she has some fluids in the area " because she has been too active" on the vets words, I didn't want to argue, but she has not been active at all, we are used to many mini walks a day and lots of fetching and hide and seek and there is zero activity for her for the past two weeks, so I asked if that is normal and he said yes, but stitches are still in, and here we go,third week of crating her.

    I wonder what was your experience,how long did it take for your lab after the initial two weeks to go back on the rough play, walks, and training, she is in obidience classes ( which I think she forget everything and anything we taught! Lol) ,to be fully back on track?

    I am sure besides her usual weekly weight gain, she must have gained a few extra with the lack of exercising and she is HEAVY lol

    Our girl is doing fine and we are glad we started crating her super early, but it is getting tough to calm her down once that crate door is open...

    Thanks to whomever reads all this, we appreciate any feed back ;-)

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    Well, our Sophie was like a lab on crack even after her surgery! Keeping her quiet was impossible! She did develop a seroma. It is the fluid that collects under the incision site. The vet said the fluid would reabsorb. When we took her in to have her stiches out, the vet said to leave them another week because she is so active. Her stitches ended up being in 3 weeks. She was spayed on Oct 19th. We only gave her one pain pill, she didn't seem to need them, and we took off her cone on day one and she never bothered her stitches. The seroma reabsorbed pretty fast. She is totally normal now, her belly is nice and flat and only a think line remains to show she ever had surgery. I was so worried after, so I know how you feel. It will be ok though!

    Sophie DOB 04/13/2011 6 mo

    8.5 mo.

    Sophie 15 months, with Skye

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    I had Maggie spayed just over a fortnight ago. She had to be put under for a repair to her foot (totally another story!!) so I decided to have her spayed at the same time.

    I had trouble keeping her quiet after day 2. She totally missed her routine of playing outside while I garden, and couldn't understand what had happened to her walk. On day 4 she fell of the verandah onto a rosemary bush (trying to catch the cat ) so I took her back to the vet for a check. All OK fortunately, no split stitches!

    I found the best way to keep Maggie quiet was just to sit with her. She was used to sitting quietly while we eat or read, so I just spent most of the day reading! Also gave her lots of chewy stuff to keep her occupied. She did spend a fair bit of the time sighing and looking at me with those sorrowful eyes, probably wondering just what had happened to me!

    She had her stitches out on day 10 (last Friday) and there was still a smallish lump under the skin. The vet seemed happy with the whole area and just said a couple more quiet-ish days and she would be fine. I've checked today and I can just, if I really feel around, feel the lump so I would imagine it was just fluid which is reabsorbing.

    She's back to 'normal' and is off for a playdate tomorrow with my daughter's 9 month old Lab!

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    Thanks you guys ;-)

    I did get her two giant bones and she seems fine in the crate with them, not so much out of it lol but It is for her own good, right? After that we are taking her for a dive at this big pool in this Pet store we found nearby, with another lab for a playdate as a xmas treat :-)

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