Hi there! I posted all about this in obed/tracking.

A few weeks ago I noticed a hard lump on Miles' left front ankle. I took him in and the vet said it was tumor and had to come out right away. He had surgery on 10/28 to remove it and he sent it off for histopathology to determine it's nature. It was a long hard 4 days. He'd said, because I dared to ask, that the tumor looked abnormal. I was sure he had cancer. Happily, the results came back benign, a follicular cyst, and the vet got it all and it should not recur. The best possible news!!

The problem now is that when I returned to work on Monday, I left Miles with his cone and all. He got it off, got the bandage off and removed the stitches and, of course, licked that wound. It cannot be restitched. So Tuesday, it was rebandaged. He was in some pain on Tuesday and Wednesday. He seemed better Thursday. When I took him in for a bandage change yesterday, it was infected. Now he's on simplicef. He seems to feel even better this morning. I am really mad at myself for not requesting anti-biotics on Tuesday after he'd licked that wound. My vet tends to be conservative with meds but I am sure he'd have given them had I asked. Ugh! Vet says the location of the incision is bad, right on the ankle joint, so every time Miles gets up and walks around, he reopens it. It will heal, but it will take awhile. I have to limit his movement as much as I can. Oh WAAAH! More days with bandage, cone and sitting around home with him!

Next time I leave the house, I will duct tape the cone shut and put him in his crate. Poor Miles. He's such a good boy and used to lots of activity in his life between hikes, swims, runs, obedience class and agility. I am sure he thinks his life is over. He's been a very good patient since Monday.

I don't wish this on anyone!