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    DefaultMy Mo-mo

    It has been many, many years since my dear Mo left this Earth. She was my first lab. She was black with a perfect square head and energy like no dog I have ever known. She was there when we brought our son home from the hospital almost 20 years ago. She would lye under his crib for hours. She would watch over him, then the crawling started and she loved toppling him to the ground. Then the walker and oh boy, she couldn't run fast enough and jump over that baby gate to get his away from his giggling chases! When our son was 3 he wandered out of the yard by himself and Mo was gone too. I yelled and yelled for my son... then I realized she had to be with him and she would never not come to her name if she heard me. So I screamed with all I had for my Mo!!! She poked her head around the corner of a house and I told her "Get the baby, girl! Get Colin!" She disappeared and came back pushing him along with her nose...

    She was with us until Colin was about 10. She had 13 good years on this planet with people who adored her as much as she adored us. We were a military family and she never once complained about moving and having to make new friends. She was my ex-husbands & my first baby. I never thought I would ever have another lab because none would compare to Mo. Well now I have 2, a black & a white... they aren't their big sister and I wouldn't want them to be. But she is smiling down knowing they are just as loving as she was and some day she will get to play with all of us again. And I'm sure she won't complain making friends with those 2 either.

    God Bless Mo and all our other wonderful labs that aren't with us anymore, at lest not in the physical sense.
    Hilde, Gabby, Gus, Scooby, Fletcher & Frankie

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    DefaultRe: My Mo-mo

    Labs are the best and Mo sounded like a real sweetie. :-*

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    DefaultRe: My Mo-mo

    We all know who had Labrador past away, the wait at the rainbow bridge for us, when it is our time to leave this planet, there are our Labradors who we all love ... So, Mo is waiting, i know that for sure

    Self we lost two other labradors in the past Gwen died in 1994 and Yoskha passed away in 2006 ... So, its always sad to see old picture's of them. But, indeed we all have good thoughts about our Labradors


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