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    DefaultAbby; Friend to a Labrador

    Abby died tonight, 12/15/2008, at 12:45am. She died in my arms by lethal injection. Her respirations had become so labored, even with oxygen via nasotracheal tube, that all of her energy was being expended on one thing; breathing. I called xxxx and told him that I thought he should think about "it" soon. So, he talked to the vet and gave the okay, and I held her in my arms as the vet pushed the medication into her IV. I tried to tell her "good girl", but my voice was quaking with the tears, and it came out in just a choked whisper. I don't know if she even heard me over her labored breathing. My tears fell on her as her breathing and heartbeat came to a stop. The snow was falling, and the world was quiet and peaceful as I drove home.

    Every time you lose a dog, you think of all the times you let them down. All the times you ever yelled or used harsh words, all the times you should have walked them or played with them, all the times you were less than the best dog owner ever, and this is no exception for me. I learned so much from little Abby, and despite all of my mistakes with her, she never failed to show me unconditional love, loyalty, and complete trust.

    Abby was adopted from the pound in January of 1997 (her age was estimated to be 10-12 months, and she had already borne a litter of puppies), following the death of my beloved Shade, which had been so painful that I swore I would never get another dog. Yet something seemed missing, so we went to the pound, and there we found this little black and white dog that leapt into xxxx's arms and right into his heart.

    Abby didn't care much for other dogs (to say the least), though she did tolerate Lucky, and she absolutely adored people. She practically lived for human contact. She was deathly afraid of fireworks and thunder. She played well with kitties, especially little Blackberry, with whom she would "box" and wrestle. Abby was a very bouncy, energetic dog, and even climbed a 10,000 foot mountain peak.

    Run free, Sweet Abby, 1996-2008.

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    DefaultRe: Abby; Friend to a Labrador

    Run Free sweet Abby! :'(
    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia

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    DefaultRe: Abby; Friend to a Labrador

    So sorry for your loss.

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    DefaultRe: Abby; Friend to a Labrador

    :'( I'm so, so sorry. She was a beautiful girl.

    Run free Abby, run free sweet girl...
    ~Veronica and Nikki~
    Sweet Emma, 16th of February 1996~26th of November 2010
    Always in my heart and soul. Together forever, my love....

    Nikki 6 months

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    DefaultRe: Abby; Friend to a Labrador

    Ohhh, a lovely tribute to a lovely devoted dog. Thank you for rescuing her and for sharing your heartfelt thoughts and picture of Abby with us.

    So many of us can empathize with your experience of making that final decision and then having to follow through; I'm so sorry for your loss of dear Abby. :'(

    My sincere condolences to you and xxxx.

    Godspeed Abby.

    If It Should Be

    If it should be that I grow frail and weak
    And pain should keep me from my sleep
    Then you must do what must be done
    For this, the last battle, cannot be won.

    You will be sad, I understand
    Don't let your grief then stay your hand.
    For this day, more than the rest
    Your love and friendship stand the test.

    We've had so many happy years
    What is to come can hold no fears
    You would not want me to suffer so
    When the time comes please let me go.

    Take me where my needs they'll tend
    Only, stay with me to the end
    And hold me firm and speak to me
    Until my eyes no longer see.

    I know in time you will see
    It is a kindness you do to me
    Although my tail its last has waved
    From pain and suffering I have been saved.

    Don't grieve it should be you
    Who has to decide this thing to do
    We've been so close we two these years
    Don't let your heart hold any tears.

    So I am glad, not that she's gone
    But that this earth she roamed and lived upon
    Was my earth, too, that I had closely known
    And loved her and that my love I'd shown.

    Tears over her departure?
    Nay - a smile
    That I had walked with her a little while.

    Author Julia Napier, copyright 1999

    "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." author Will Rogers

    Auggie 12/29/95 ~ 01/15/09

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    Tundra Aries Guest

    DefaultRe: Abby; Friend to a Labrador

    So sorry for your loss. :'(

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    DefaultRe: Abby; Friend to a Labrador

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I have been in your shoes and I know how you are hurting. You gave her a great home and a lot of love, she remembers that more than anything else possible in her life. God bless you for giving her that place in your heart.
    Hilde, Gabby, Gus, Scooby, Fletcher & Frankie

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    DefaultRe: Abby; Friend to a Labrador

    I am so sorry for your loss.

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    DefaultRe: Abby; Friend to a Labrador

    I am so sorry :'( You sound like a great pet owner...((HUGS)) God bless you.


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