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    DefaultChoosing Tears

    Tears – streaming down my face
    Like a torrential rain

    Heart pounding
    As if in any moment it will rupture

    Sadness swallows me
    Like a deep fog by the bay

    No amount of speed or distance
    Can separate me from the pain

    Losses like this
    Felt deep – into my very core

    My best friend
    You relied on me your whole life

    While my whole life
    Was defined by you

    Your happiness brought me joy
    Your sadness was mine too

    Some, sometimes many
    Considered me crazy

    Saying you were
    Just a dog

    To me you were everything

    Everything that mattered
    Everything good
    Everything real

    I found all that in you
    And I found love

    And then today
    I gave that back to you

    I always thought your coat was full and thick
    Because of heritage and diet

    Tonight I learned
    It was because it hid your angel wings

    Fly now among the stars at night
    Visit me often in my dreams

    I love you
    Forever, for always and for one extra day

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    DefaultRe: Choosing Tears

    How poignant and yet comforting on this sad evening of Shadow's passing.

    Such lovely thoughts for and of those who without reservation give their hearts to dogs.

    Thank you for consolation of tears shed in the past, in the present, and tears that I know I will shed in the future.

    A beautiful poem. Again, Thank You.
    "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." author Will Rogers

    Auggie 12/29/95 ~ 01/15/09

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    DefaultRe: Choosing Tears

    Thank you. I can't sleep for tears and missing my sweet baby girl. Judy directed me to this in an email, and it's so very fitting.

    Thank you.
    Jackie, Champ, and Buddy


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