In loving memory of Buck, the hero
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Thread: In loving memory of Buck, the hero

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    DefaultIn loving memory of Buck, the hero

    My inlaws have always had yellow labs, so when their Poncho started getting sick a bunch of their friends, including my husband and I bought them a puppy. He arrived around October and we sent him into their house with a big red bow tied around his neck. They LOVED him! My FIL took him everywhere with him and he was very well trained. Anyways last fall my inlaws were in bed sleeping when they heard Buck barking, which was uncommon for him. My mother-in-law looked out the window to see flames bursting out of the garage. Her and FIL jumped out of bed and rushed outside grabbing the hose to try and put the fire out, but it was so hot that they couldn't get close enough. My MIL saw Buck standing outside the garage and started to go towards him, he looked at her and turned around and went back into the garage. He did not make it out of the fire. He is greatly missed. In his memory the town helped buy them another pup who they named Buck II in his memory. BTW the new Buck doesn't sleep in the garage, he sleeps in a crate.

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    DefaultRe: In loving memory of Buck, the hero

    OMG! That is so very, very sad. :'( I'm so sorry.

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    DefaultRe: In loving memory of Buck, the hero

    I'm sorry for your loss... Run free sweet Buck


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