10 months and still grieving
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Thread: 10 months and still grieving

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    Default10 months and still grieving

    It is coming up on 10 months that we lost our beloved dog "Pike". He died suddenly on May 30th of last year. He was never sick til that day and he did of a ruptured tumor that we never knew he had. I am still so sad and now that it is spring, I walked through the back yard and came across a ball of his that he loved. I could cry a river when I think of him and miss him so very much. My husband wanted another dog right away, but I needed to wait and now he is retiring next year and I think we need to travel and I am so leery of bringing a dog in and then always having to let someone take care of him. I love dogs soooo much and I took such good care of my Pike that I cannot imagine growing to love another and then losing him. I am just confused about what to do. I know that there is a wonderful dog out there for me to love, but sometimes I am scared of loving one again, because my heart is broken and there is such an empty place still lingering. How long is normal to grieve??? I am better as the days go on and then one trigger of reminder and I am lost again. Thanks for listening Phyllis

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    DefaultRe: 10 months and still grieving

    Phyllis, my thoughts are with you. We lost our Max on October 2 of last year after a very brief time of knowing anything was wrong. I know they will always be in our hearts. I still have a hard time if I'm out in the shed and see his bowls, his harness and his leash, or even pictures that were taken shortly before we had to make that one big decision. We have kids, ages 10, 11 and almost 15. We decided to get another lab and went and got her December 9th. It was very hard at first but now we have no regrets about our decision. Madison is just a fun loving 5month old puppy. I don't know if there is a length for normal grieving, I feel you need to grieve to help heal.

    ((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) to you
    from Alisa in Oregon
    <br /><br />Sarah b-Feb. 2007<br />Madison b-Oct 2006<br />Oregon

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    DefaultRe: 10 months and still grieving

    It took me 1 1/2 yrs. to get another pup, will I ever forget my "aspen" never- do I love Sammi my new pup, with all my heart. It takes awhile, just know, like kids, each pup fill's a differant space. So sorry for your loss!! Be easy on your self and know with time, you will find the new pup to be a part of your life.

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    DefaultRe: 10 months and still grieving

    Hi Phyllis
    my heart goes out to you
    we lost Yukon suddenly a year ago - I cried every day for 5 months, then it tapered off to every few days
    then we just lost Ellis a month ago and I'm going through it again
    having lost both of my boys in a year - it's been brutal
    I don't know if I will ever get another dog - I loved my boys so much and would possibly feel that I am betraying them by loving another dog
    I think everyone is different- and you'll know the right thing to do
    there is nothing wrong with waiting
    especially if you want to travel for a bit
    best of luck

    <br />Ellis (brown) &amp; Yukon (yellow) - Sadly, we helped Ellis &quot;move along&quot; on Feb 22, 2007 at age 15 1/2 - and Yukon died suddenly on Feb 1st, 2006 - 4 days before his 11th birthday.&nbsp; We are devestated.

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    DefaultRe: 10 months and still grieving


    So sorry for your loss. Pike is a greaty name for a dog.

    We just lost our Sadie 2 months ago today without warning. Greiving is normal - I tell myself everyday that "we'll see her again, she's in a better place."

    Not ready for another dog yet but we are lab lovers and we will get another one when the time is right. There are a lot of rescue dogs available in our area and once in a while I'll stop by petsmart when they are there just to love on a few of them.

    Ron Pike

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    DefaultRe: 10 months and still grieving

    I know how you feel. I keep asking myself, "Will I ever get over it?" I swear, it's as fresh and hurtful today as it was in October when we let her go. I cry as much, I think about her as much, I wonder "What if..." as much.

    And although Sally is such a comfort and joy to me, she's nowhere near the soulmate Annie was. I don't know if it's her personality that is different, or if it's me who won't let her get that close to me.

    I hope you find some peace soon. I hope I find some peace soon.

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    DefaultRe: 10 months and still grieving

    Phyllis, I still cry for my two dogs who died 2001 and 2005. They become such a special part of our lives and the hole they leave when they pass on is enormous. We now have Ben and love him to bits so I know it is possible to love another dog even although you never ever stop loving those who have gone before I wish you well and if you decide to get another dog at some stage when the timing is right I know it won't be long before he/she will have etched their way into your heart and you will love them as you have loved your precious Pike before. Run free sweet Pike

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    Wellington New Zealand

    DefaultRe: 10 months and still grieving

    I think of you often. I have tears for you all.

    Many of us know the horrible heart ache and pain you are feeling.

    Two years ago I felt exactly the same.My beloved companion Kassy had gone. I could never love another dog again. There would never be another special dog to steal my heart. I couldn't look at another dog. Even after my bad boy Ernie came to live with me I beleived this. I won't even tell you the horrible things directed at Ernie that went through my mind and mouth for a long time.

    Now 2 years later I am sitting here missing that beautiful naughty black boy as much as I miss Kassy. He is still recouperating after the car hit him. I am realising Kassy isn't here. Ernie is and needs me. All of me and this is what Kassy would want. She loved him.

    I am a very lucky person to have been blessed with the joy of sharing my life with not one but two wonderful Labradors.

    I hope one day you will be able to share you life with another dog.
    Take care
    My 2 special Labs

    Kassa 25/11/01 - 09/02/05 O.S Jaw cancer forever in my heart.
    Ernie 25/11/01 adopted May 05
    Sam 11? adopted Nov 06 - 18/12/07 Lyphoma
    Tessa. Rescued June 2011.
    Bone Cancer Dogs org.http://www.bonecancerdogs.org/

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    DefaultRe: 10 months and still grieving

    Quote Originally Posted by polark13
    then we just lost Ellis a month ago and I'm going through it again
    I am so sorry about Ellis. It seems like yesterday that I watched the video from his B-Day. Prayers to your family!!
    <br /><br />Zlata &amp; Chocolata

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    DefaultRe: 10 months and still grieving

    We lost Sam in May 95 and I can cry as much today as the day we lost him and thats just over 12 years ago. But everybodies grieving time is different.

    Ours has just been made even more intense after the loss of our Barney earlier on this month.

    My thoughts are with you xx

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