Life with Sadie, remembering all the good times.
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Thread: Life with Sadie, remembering all the good times.

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    DefaultLife with Sadie, remembering all the good times.

    We had just put our (Jarvis) keeshond to sleep at 15 years old. He was left with us when the daughter moved out. Before that our poodle (Gee-Gee) was 16 years old. Both were great companions.

    Wife and I decided we’d wait about 6 months and that was ok with me. We discussed the next dog – I wanted a Golden Retriever and she wanted a female Black Lab – a dog that would lie down in the house and sleep at the foot of the bed. Hee hee. One of the grand children wanted a dog-named Sadie; another wanted a big black dog. None of us expected a hyperactive dog.

    So wife is at the eyeglass place and she is visiting with a woman in the lobby waiting her turn when the woman says she has a puppy that she needs to give away. A female Black Lab – the last of the litter and she is 8 weeks old. Wife says she’ll take her and calls me at work with the news. She is excited and so am I. That next evening we go to the ladies house. The minute we saw her that was it, she cuddled up and rode home in her truck in her new moms lap. We had our Sadie. Actually Sadie had us. Its February 9, 1996 she was born Christmas eve 1995.

    We took her to work with us to housebreak her plus it was too cold in February to leave her outside or inside in a crate all day. So easy to housebreak she was clearly a smart girl. And she bonded with us and was comfortable riding in the truck.

    After the series of vaccinations we started obedience training. Sadie was a handful. The instructors stated that Sadie was a genius but I needed work. I was too easy on her. We took training for 2 years and she did get a Canine Good Citizen Award.

    Sadie never forgot any of her training. She was beautiful and she knew it too.

    Well, I have fond memories of the little cute things she would do:
    The loud bark before we heard anybody on the place. Enthusiastic greetings to people she knew. Snoring. Swimming. Running in the park. The time she got two pieces of chicken off the kitchen counter when we were not around but left the other three. Or another time she got in the truck and refused to get out as if to say, “Nope, I’m going.” (We were going somewhere and she couldn’t stay in the hot truck). Labs – they steal your heart don’t they? I kissed her goodbye every morning, sometimes twice like the last morning. 11 years, 1 month, 2 days it’s not enough time but she’s running free and I know she’ll greet us when we see her again.

    I always said that when the time came I’d not have her put down and I got my wish. She died suddenly when we were at work in the back yard – strong, healthy and happy at 10 am but when wife came home at 2:15 she was dead. I had kissed here twice that morning. We loved that dog.

    The other wish was that we would bury her in her back yard and we did. We made a marker out of cement and placed id tags in the mold. We’ll lay some sod and make a garden area for her gravesite.

    There may be other Labs for us in the future but there will never be another one like our Sadie.

    So what did I learn about experience with our Sadie? Labs are number one for many reasons.
    LOVE – Without question or conditions, just an outpouring affection for everyone in the family adults or kids.
    SPUNK- Let’s be happy and live for today. Make someone smile or laugh Sadie had it in spades.
    FLEXABLE – Labs can do anything.
    INTELLIGENT – Haven’t encountered a dumb one yet.
    PERFECTION – They’ll steal your heart.


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    DefaultRe: Life with Sadie, remembering all the good times.

    What a great tribute to such a good, good friend. I'm so sorry about your loss. I only had my lab, Annie, for a little under a year, but in that short time, she came to be my constant companion. I can only imagine how close you feel to one that you have for 11 years.

    I hope the wonderful memories soon overtake the awful pain and loss you feel now. :'( She was lucky you have had you as her owner, but not any more lucky than you were to have had her as your dog.

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    DefaultRe: Life with Sadie, remembering all the good times.

    aw, what a beautiful tribute to your Sadie :'( - run free sweet Sadie

    Good thoughts for you Ron and your family...
    &quot;He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.&quot;<br />Author Unknown

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    DefaultRe: Life with Sadie, remembering all the good times.

    I just read this today and have to comment on how beautiful and moving a tribute you have posted about your Sadie. I am saddened to hear that you have lost this precious young lady, but happy to know of the wonderful life you all shared. Run free sweet Sadie.

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    DefaultRe: Life with Sadie, remembering all the good times.

    Great tribute to a good, good friend. so sorry for your loss.
    If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they
    -Will Rogers......Tim

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    Felix Guest

    DefaultRe: Life with Sadie, remembering all the good times.

    Sorry for you're loss, i guess that a good dog has gone ...

    But keep in mind all the good thing's he has bring you, all the joy and fun! ... And dont try to see him as a old dog who cant run after the ball, but keep in mind the year's that he just came around you, dan will drag you through (worked for me all the times)


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