'I'll Always Love You' by Hans Wilhelm
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Thread: 'I'll Always Love You' by Hans Wilhelm

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    Default'I'll Always Love You' by Hans Wilhelm

    Did anyone have this book as a kid? I still have it. Its great. When my mom recently lost her companion of 16yrs, I took this book out of my closet and read it. Even as an adult, it still touched me. If you have children with pets, I believe its a must have. Its sad, but so warm and touching. Anyway, just thought I would share
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    DefaultRe: 'I'll Always Love You' by Hans Wilhelm

    I haven't heard of it. I will look for it.

    thank you for sharing this.

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    DefaultRe: 'I'll Always Love You' by Hans Wilhelm

    That is the book that Joe Marengo told us that Dan (dweck) had sent to Joe.
    I was curious so I requested it through Inter-Library Loan and have it right now! We have no children and are both old ourselves as is our precious Auggie, and we find it a touching, wonderful, poignant, story with so many, many lessons on so many levels about life, love, loss, and after loss. We have "read" it a couple of times and will read it several more times as I intend to keep it the whole three weeks that is allowed. And we are going to get a copy of our very own.
    Such a special little book with wonderful illustration and a timeless message of comfort.
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