Bear, 1993-2001
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    DefaultBear, 1993-2001

    I thought I'd post a few pictures of my heart dog, Bear. I've missed him a lot lately, so I thought I'd try and write a bit about him.

    When he was a puppy, he would grab onto the handle of the Jolly Ball and roll down the hill in the backyard on it. He would then drag it back up to the top of the hill and repeat it for hours.

    He used to be my excuse to escape from the house- "can't argue with you now, mom, bear has to go for a walk" - from relatives- and from first boyfriends that I wasn't particularly interested in.

    He was so patient with me- when I was twelve and he was two, my mom let us start taking basic obedience classes at a local training club. Once I convinced him that his favorite game- waiting until all the owners left their dogs on a down stay, then bolting and jumping on each dog- wasn't fun for everyone else, he went on to get his CD.

    He travelled everywhere with our family- to the cabin in WI, to the beach house on Lake Michigan, etc. he was an amazing traveler- except the one time that we had been telling my dad that we were all car sick, he didn't believe us, and Bear stood up in the car and puked. Now my dad believes us when we say that we're carsick

    He always knew when someone was upset and wouldn't leave them alone. He'd stick by your side and try and climb into your lap.

    At the age of seven, Bear started having seizures. We had a cat scan done, and it turned out that they were the result of an invasive brain tumor.

    The next year, my junior year of high school, I would wait until my parents had gone to bed and then sneak back downstairs and sleep on the dog bed with him so that if he had a seizure, i could be with him. God, his seizures were awful..

    Finally, we had to put him down at the age of eight, because the seizures were coming multiple times of day and he wasn't comfortable anymore. Unfortunately, my parents chose to do this while I was at school, so I didn't even find out until that night.

    I miss you still, Bear

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    DefaultRe: Bear, 1993-2001

    i'm sorry for the loss of the beautiful brown bear - I know it still hurts
    when I saw is pictures it took my breath away - he was just beautiful...

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    DefaultRe: Bear, 1993-2001

    That pic of him in the sand is great! Looks like he was having such a good time. Good memories.....hang on to them.

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    DefaultRe: Bear, 1993-2001

    What a beautiful boy. Forever in your heart.

    Missing you, my friend.
    Huckle 1/9/1992 - 4/25/2006

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    DefaultRe: Bear, 1993-2001

    What a beautiful dog.

    I know some days the tears come flooding back.

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